Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre - Orange County Resort Kabini

Remember my post on Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre at Orange County Hampi? If you've been following my travel blog, you'd know that I recently ventured to Orange County Resorts in Kabini

Kabini too has a branch of Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre and this time I took a Shiradohara treatment! Here too, the staff are again trained by the same Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre in Mysuru. 

Its a treatment where a fine stream of warm oil is poured on the forehead! The treatment begins with an oil massage of scalp and shoulders in a seated position. Then I was made to lie down on the teakwood bed (made customized for them) and a steady flow of warm oil is poured from the brass container. The temperature of the oil is altered till its comfortable for us. This is almost 20 mins of massage followed by 20 mins of this pouring warm oil. Its wrapped up with hair wash and the whole 45 mins was just so so relaxing! 

Unlike Hampi, here, the whole set up was, similar to the rest of this resort, in line with the nature around and the tribal architecture! Everything here is made of wood. Though this too has a waterbody behind each treatment room, true to Kabini (unlike Hampi), its wild and natural!!! The rest of the setup, in terms of treatments, equipment etc are same as its counterpart in Hampi!

P.S: I was invited by Orange County Resort for review purposes. However all the views are my own and this post does not advertise the product!!

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  1. Fantastic post and great place:)

  2. wow, I must visit the place soon!
    keep in touch

  3. Wow this spa resort looks fabulous! I don't mind being relaxed there!

  4. I am not really a fan of massage but the description of the massage you wrote sounds very luxuriating indeed. I think my wife will like this type of massage.

  5. The place is perfect for rest and relaxation. It would feel refreshing getting pampered there.

  6. I like massage, they are God's gift to mankind to relieve the sore in our bodies after a long day at work and fun. The place looks nice.

  7. the resort itself looks really relaxing, like a retreat in nature. I've never tried ayurvedic treatment but it looks therapeutic for the mind and body.

  8. I love places with nature theme. It feels refreshing and relaxing. This place just looks like it.

  9. Another lovely setting with wonderful sounding treatments.... makes me long for a visit.


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