Travel Style - Sweater Dress & Chunky Jewelry

I've always wanted to wear a sweater dress and somehow never found the perfect one. Recently I found this in Zaful. It was perfect with high neck and full sleeves and calf length with a flare at the hem! The color was solid grey. Only trouble - it was a 4XL size! But then, right now, with my ever bulging tummy, it should fit... Well, I took the risk and ordered it. What's the worse that could happen, it could be too big and I would have to alter it.

Sweater dress: c/o Zaful
Shoes: Bata
Necklace: Thrifted from a flea market in Mumbai
Earrings: Handmade by a tribal artisan from Tamil Nadu
Bracelet: Cauvery showroom, Mysuru
It arrived and the size was perfect around my tummy and the fall at the hem was good as well. Only trouble - the sleeves were too loose. So I altered it at the sleeves alone and there you go!!!

Since it was simple and elegant, I chose to pair it with chunky, colorful jewelry. It was by chance that these 3 pieces of jewelry look like a set. I bought them in 3 different places! Since I had a lot of walking to do, I wore the good old Bata shoes which was almost the same shade of grey as my dress. 
The location is the Ghent in Belgium. Read more about the place itself on My Travelogue. Btw, Zaful has also been generous to give my readers a 10% off!!! Use the coupon code ZFIGPTMODA6 to avail it!

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  1. I love everything about this! The necklace, the earrings, and especially the dress. It looks so comfy! That red door is pretty awesome too.

  2. I have always loved a sweater dress! I think they are so comfy and simple yet also rather elegant and so easy to style! I really like the jewellery! so colorful, they complement your dress super well!

  3. I love your pregnancy ootd, you always look fabulous! And your accessories are so fun :)

  4. Awwww, you look so beautiful and glowing! The necklace really adds a pop of vibrant colour to complete your outfit :)

  5. What a gorgeous outfit! Sweater dresses are so cosy but cute at the same time, love them.
    Viola xo | A Piece of Viola

  6. This is beautiful. Sweaters are comfortable and pairing them with chunky bracelets give them a modern yet comfy take

  7. Love the grey knit dress! You're rocking the bump! Also the necklace colours are ace too x

  8. Wow! You looks so beautiful and sexy preggy in your dress. I really love your entire outfit.

  9. Nice dress very fit in your pregnancy. I feel the baby will be a stylist like her mother.

  10. It's amazing how you are still travelling everywhere even with a baby! It fits your look completely and the chunky accessories looks gorgeous!

  11. I love sweater dresses during winter, paired with warm leggings and boots! It's awesome you can wear a comfy sweater dress while preggo, since it's stretchy and comfortable. Looks cute!

  12. Love the flared hem! It's a good thing the dress fit your baby bump really well. Looking good proud momma!


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