Date Style - Grey & Pink

I found this shirt dress in the weekend market near Tournai Belfry. And you know my situation now. I'm hunting for outfits that would look cool, and serve the purpose of nursing, after my delivery. So shirtdresses are just such a blessing for this purpose! So yeah, I picked it!
Shirt Dress: Thrifted from a flea market in Tournai
Stockings: Primark
Backpack: c/o Nadia Minkoff
Shoes: Lifestyle, Chennai
Earrings: Naidu Hall, Chennai
3 strand Pearl necklace: India Times Shopping
Well, I'm not a big fan of baby pink. I do love hot pink and salmon pink, but definitely not a fan of baby pink. But that store had hardly didn't have any other color, so I just picked it! .........and now comes the trouble of wearing it! How can I pair it with something without looking girly or like a cotton candy!!!

Can I combine baby pink and grey? Why can't I? I've combined dusty rose and dark grey earlier and loved the combo, so I went ahead and did this. And guess, I dug out from my own jewelry box, this earrings that I bought, probably a decade ago in the same baby pink & grey combo!!!!
And btw, who says your accessories have to match??? As my regular readers may know I've recently moved to Belgium and obviously my entire wardrobe did not move with me. All my black pumps had heels and the preggers me decided to just leave them back!!! Somehow, the belt of the shirtdress, was a mix of black & white with a tan edging! So I went ahead and paired my black backpack with tan shoes.... Cardinal sin????

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  1. Again you are rocking the outfit! That red wall as background made that a fantastic photograph! Your child is so lucky that mommy had all these pictures while he was still inside your tummy. Very nice mementos of a special time.

  2. OMG!! You look wonderful!! Lovely outfit and it looks so nice on you.

  3. You look fantastic on that dress and you have good taste when it comes to combination of outfit.

  4. You are a Momma always on the go. I love your pearl necklace, very elegant :)

  5. You definitely pulled it off! Definitely not too girly.

  6. You look stunning as always!! Grey is always a fantastic choice to tone down any color :D

  7. I think that the baby pink and the grey match very well. And that is because the grey tights you are wearing have a little bit of pinky shades because of your skin. So your outfit matches! :)

  8. You are looking so glowing and radiant! And that shirt dress looks gorgeous on you.

  9. Loving the look here! So chic and fashionable. My friend who's giving birth next month has been telling me how hard it is to find clothes, that maternity dresses are so expensive. So thanks for sharing this!

  10. Pink is such a nice appealing color and you really look great rocking the outfit. It's great that you still do well in your outfit post even on your pregnancy.

  11. This has got to be one of my favorite for you! The pink top is super adorable... just cute overall and comfy too!

  12. You looks so beautiful on your skirt dress. It's really fits on you. You are glowing pregnant.

  13. So petite! I wish I was as keen as you are with maternity clothing, I could have saved so much on this area. Maternity dresses here are so overpriced. And the designs make nursing totally impossible.


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