RFID Blocking Wallet - A DIY

...with the masterpieces of Mouth & Foot Painting Artists...

It all started with my new Debit Card that's contactless! Though I wasn't much bothered about my travel cards that were contactless all the while, I was a bit apprehensive about money matters with the debit card. Checking online for the RFID blocking wallets, they all turned out to be so fancy priced! Also, while browsing about the risk factors, I came across articles like how its very much possible as well as how this entire fear is not relevant at all!!! Confused, I decided to go cheap and creative and made my own! Here's how I did it.

I began with these gorgeous calendar & greeting cards of Mouth & Foot Painting Artists. I wanted to convert them into RFID Blocking Credit Card Sleeves that would normally fit into my existing wallet. Here are the things needed: 
1. Greeting card / photograph / Color paper of about 300gsm
2. Aluminium Foil
3. Glue Stick
4. Scissors
5. Pencil

I began with tracing the actual size of my contactless card on the back of the greeting card. I drew a line leaving a space of approx 2mm on all sides and followed the same just beside it. That would be the front and back of the sleeve. I scored the centre line for easy folding. I drew a small flap on 2 sides (2 adjacent sides is better than opposite sides like shown in the pic)! I cut it out and in came the aluminium foil. Just to be on the safer side, I took 2 layers of Alumimium Foil (the normal one used in kitchen) and stuck it in the inside of this cut out card. After trimming, I folded it, along the centre line and folded the flaps inwards and stuck them onto the other side anddddd Tada... Its done!!! Yeah, I left it under a heavy notebook overnight, so all the folds and stuck portions were well done!
Ofcourse, I did put it into test and tried to tap my card at a POS and it didn't work! Yippeee!!! That's it, I made it at effectively zero cost as I didn't buy anything new at all. It was all existing stuff at home! And ofcourse, its totally me, with my kinda colors & prints!
Btw, MFPA is an international organization that supports differently-abled artists who paint with their mouth or feet! I mean, can you believe that these paintings were done by people, not with their hands but with their mouth & feet??!!!! They have country specific sites, find the one in your country or delivers to your country. They have a shopping section where you can buy original paintings as well as prints of the paintings (like the desktop calendar that I've used in this DIY) that begins at just ₹50. Do support them!!! 

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  1. It's nice to support Mouth & Foot Painting Artists. I always buy greeting cards from them. I love the DIY wallet. You made it look so easy. Cheers!!

  2. It is an interesting DIY. I did not know that silver foil can be used to make RFID blocking wallets

  3. I like this a lot. Creating an everyday item yourself is a cool thing to do and you will always appreciate it more than something bought.

  4. Yay this looks amazing! So creatively done. I recently bought one that can hold two cards on each side. So convenient.

  5. These are so beautiful and creative. The artwork is unique and such an interesting way to create!

  6. This dit wallet looks so adorable. I really love diy's. I will definitely try this diy bloking wallet. So adorable!

  7. Wow that is very useful.
    I like how creatively you have designed this.
    So true about the fear of losing info.

  8. An interesting DIY that is both useful and interesting. The best is the final product is a perfect example of an eco-friendly product.

  9. Wow! You have awesome skill girl! I wish I was this crafty but maybe will give it a go over the long weekend :)


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