1 year of Cloth Diapering - Problems!

If maintained properly (check my wash routine), cloth diapers don't need any special treatments. There are moms who go through the entire CDing period without any issues. 
I went through a phase of major stink & leak issue in my cloth diapers! Once my regular Boni Color detergent wasn't available and I bought something else that had a 'lint-protecting' feature. I was doubtful but then I just started using it. 3 washes down the lane, and the stink issue became apparent! They started leaking and smelling so bad. They would start smelling in 2 hrs! The ammonia smell was so bad that i had to change every 2 hrs after every pee. Night time diapers would start smelling by midnight and they would make the bed wet by morning!!!!
I looked online to figure out the problem and realized it was the detergent! Here's the thing, the inserts have to have the fibers free which would result in high surface area and thereby high absorbency. Lint protecting detergent was making to the surface way too smooth which made the efficiency to absorb so much less! Anyways, the damage is already done and I have to recover my diapers.
Here's a pretty good listing of several case scenarios and what to do at Fluff Love University. I thought I had to strip my diapers, but I decided to give bleach a go and if it doesn't work, then strip. Bought a generic cloth bleaching powder and I soaked the inserts & AIOs for 45 mins. Followed this with 1 hr hot (60) water wash without detergent, then 1 hr hot water wash with detergent. Finally 1:45hrs prewash+regular wash with other diapers at normal temperature (40) and let them dry. I didn't celebrate for a week as I was a bit too stressed about it, but finally after a week of no stink and no leaks - I did do my little happy dance!

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