Atyudarini was painted feat. Tamar Levi!

Something absolutely awesome happened!!!! Atyudarini was painted by the amazing artist Tamar Levi!!!!!!!
Well, it all started with Atyudarini's friend, who is, by chance the daughter of Tamar Levi! She is a children book illustrator and some of her books include Me and my PDA, My Autism Book, The If Odyssey, The If Machine etc. I was totally fascinated by her work, esp., her books about Autism and Children with special needs! Its not an easy subject and she does a very good work! Check out her website - Tamar Levi, more of her works and style of painting. 

We soon met up and she was at our home! We have a wall that has wallpaper in our house. Ok, let me be clearer... I've covered one of the walls in our house with an extra layer of wallpaper which is reserved for Atyudarini to do her scribbling, which we keep changing as it gets fills! 
When Tamar Levi visited us, she found a new muse in Atyudarini (and I'm extremely honored and humbled by the fact)!!!! Soon, she did a quick illustration of Atyudarini on this wall. I totally love her style. The multicolors? Well, that's Atyudarini choosing & supplying her sketch-pens once in a while, as the illustration was getting made, plus doing a bit of drawing by herself as well! Hahaha...
Anyways, Tamar Levi, recently painted a huge canvas with 19 portraits in it and I'm super happy to announce that one of the 19 is Atyudarini! I will not be able to share the whole painting here as it was commissioned by someone else and sharing it here would mean obtaining permission from 18 other people depicted in it! So, here's a very small cropping of the whole image, featuring just Atyudarini! This pic is the initial stage and the first pic is the final painting. How's it? Head over to Tamar's Instagram page to be updated on her upcoming books & exhibitions.

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