Accessory Haul - Soft on Pocket!!!

A few of my readers would have gone through my last post in My Travelogue. It was about the Arupathumoovar Festival in Mylapore in Chennai. So, what is a festival / travel post doing in Fashion Panache??? Valid Question - Lemme give you the answer. This post has the crazy shopping spree, I did there in Mylapore during the Arupathumoovar Fest.
So here comes the complete range of stuff:

This pair of Gladiators was at, trust me, 80 bucks:
I got these 2 necklaces from the gypsy woman (pictured in My Travelogue). Both together at 70 bucks. The 2 pairs of earrings below are from another gypsy woman at 50 bucks for both.

This pair of glass but bangles costed me 10 bucks for the pair:
These huge plastic finger rings were 5 bucks each. The whole range in the kiosk is in My Travelogue.
These earrings were 10 bucks each pair.

Last but not the least, I got this fabulous palm leaf container from the artisan at 40 bucks. Well, I could use it as a perfect jewellery box!!!
I am more than happy!!! I was shopping like crazy but on the good side, I did not burn my pocket!!! :)

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  1. lovely shopping! and everything is so inexpensive! love the turquoise necklace and the jewellery box. and the gladiator is nice too. hope it lasts for at least 3months. i have really bad experiences with cheap shoes. :P

  2. I didnt know that you were in chennai..otherwise I would have invited you to the thiruvanmiyur festival which happens in the same week as Aruvathimoovar and shopping here is much more thrify and much more fun...and you could have watched the entire festival from the comfort of my year if by chance both of us are in chennai during march, I would love for you to come over to my place

  3. the gladiators seem to be a great buy.

  4. OMG..dis is so super cheap n nice...I want alll !!!

  5. is the background wr u hv kept all thoz .. the "fur" I think it is :D

  6. @Kuheli Bulbul,
    So inexpensive na!!! Yeah, I too have similar hopes on the shoes. Those 80 bucks and 100 bucks stuff I get at Blr or Mum come for 6 months for me atleast!!!

    Oh!!! I'll join you on next year celebrations Divi!!!

    Indeed it was... :)

    Come to Chennai during this fest and go back with trucks of goodies!!! :)

    Yeah! Of course!

  7. Hey Bhusha, here is an award that I want to share with you...pick it up you would like to...thanks

  8. @Divi,
    Congrats and thank you so so much for passing it to me. I'm coming to take it soon!!! :)


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