Thank You GRAZIA India!!!

I was there somewhere outside when I get a call from Bluedart asking me exactly where my house was exactly located. I directed him and totally forgot that. Post afternoon, I reach home and what did I see??? A huge parcel. From? Grazia - India!!!
I was taken aback for a moment and then I opened it. I couldn't really believe I was one of the winners!!! Yippee!!!!
Ok, I know you're not able to follow. Wait, I get back to about 2 months!!! Apr beginning. The April issue of Grazia arrives at my doorstep and its double its thickness. Reason - Its the third anniversary issue. And inside it is this,
'Grazia turns three with this month and we'd like you to join in our celebrations. Three lucky winners will take home fragrances, fashion accessories, and beauty goodies. Afterall, birthday parties are all about beautiful gifts'.
I filled up that form and sent them and totally forgot about that till this parcel came. And guess what, I was one of the 3 lucky winners. Yippeee!!!
So this is what I got.
This is the parcel.
I got this lovely Hidesign Bag.

A fab pair of Tresmode footwear. But, on looking at this I was a bit worried. Will this fabulous pair fit me. I really can't give it off to someone if it doesn't. But it was exactly 38 and, IT DID FIT!!!

Some make up from Guerlain and hair care from Loreal. A lovely shade of red lippies and a lovely shade of bronze eyeshadow, were so perfect for my skin color.

And a jean and tee from Nautica. First thing was the 32 size I saw in the jean, oh my, its soooo big for me!!! :( And then suddenly I realize, oh shit, this is men's wear. I look at dad and he was like, don't ever expect me to wear a jean n tee (He's a formal formal person) and his casuals are essentially Indian wear. I've kept that in the closet and awaiting someone special to take it away!!!
Whatever, I am more that glad to have got so many goodies!!!
Since I got it from the April issue, I'll stock this too as my B'day gift - Yeah, I too celebrate b'day with Grazia. These gifts are so gorgeous!!!!!
And Thank you Grazia, this has been my best B'day gift!!! I LOVE U!!!!!
And my heartiest wishes to the other 2 winners also. I dunno who are they, wish Grazia lets me know bout them as well!!!!!

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  1. wow!!!!!!! so many gifts!!!!!!!! u r so lucky!!! congrats! enjoy!! :))

  2. are def on a lucky streak

  3. congrats!!! the shoed are fab!!

    When Geek Met Chic
    PS following you now!

  4. wow, so exciting! those are great shoes! i love receiving packages, too!

  5. Oh I soooooo envy you! Congrats yaar!
    Hey even my birthday is on April 2nd :)

  6. You cleaned house! Nice job.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
    Follow @UnraveldThreads on twitter!

  7. hey..

    Congrats on winning those..:)

  8. Congrats ...that's a lovely gift hamper

    You can check out my blog at

  9. OO lala...Thats a lot of goodies...Congratulations dear. And you may plz send that jean and tee to my address.. :)

  10. U r one superlucky girl! Congrats!!!

  11. @All,
    Thank you so much dears... :)


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