Dying for Dice

I have this never ending love for keychains and then I have this never ending love for dice. That may be the reason why I have dice as my bike keychain!!!
This one is made of wood and has metal dots for numbers.

This one is made of foam.

And this pair of earrings, a gift from my cousin...

And this one, a pair of dice themselves. Made of wood and with brass pointers made by artisans in Uttar Pradesh!!!

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  1. that is quite a collection. you are the first i have known to collect dice. i'll be thinking of you the next time i see a dice. Busha, i apologise for not coming earlier to pick-up my award. i'll find the link and will pick it up later, but thank you, thank you for thinking of me.

  2. My Daughter loves dices and we have loads of them in various colors, of which one is made of wood.

    In fact i was planning to make her a floor cushion / sofa in the form of dice!

    I would like to invite you to participate in the giveaway to celebrate 200+ followers of Adithis Amma Sews. Please click HERE to win a VOGUE Tote!

  3. @OG,
    Oh my! Is it???
    And ofcourse, you are such a wonderful blogger that its a pleasure for me share the award with you.. I had left the link in your blog.. Do collect..:)

    @Creative Mama,
    I had seen a dice cushion a few years ago in Mumbai and I loved absolutely. But didn't buy it.. :(

    Thanks sweety.. :)


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