Black Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eyes is always is a difficult look to sport. Many a times, it turns out as a punched eye or a racoon eye. That too on Indian skintones, the precise description would be, when it looks like 'Under eye dark circles', you know you're grossly wrong with the way you applied smokey eyes!!!
A couple of times, I had tried to sport the smokey eye when getting ready to go somewhere. But everytime, invariably it turned out bad and everytime, I had to start over again on the make-up part.
So finally, I decided to try this when I am free and not in a hurry when I am getting ready to some event. Now, was the prefect time and I sat in front of the mirror.
I didn't want the typical, 'just around the eyes' smokey look, but a dramatic look, so I extended the eyeshadow to the outer edge of my brows. I am not a big fan  of mascara, so I skipped it!!!
And the result, I think..... Not Bad!!! I liked whatever turned out!!! :)

Eyeshadow: Lakme Quartet in MoonDust
Eyeliner (also used as Kajal): Lakme 9 to 5 Defining Eyeliner in Black

Errr... Forgive me on two things. First, I didn't apply a make-up base at all. Not even my Lakme Creme Compact... Just my moisturizer!!! I thought, just a trial, why apply base coat. But it turned out well, that I thought I should share it with you!!! Secondly, my eyebrow is not shaped. Its been a couple of weeks since I got it done!!! :(

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  1. Ooh,smokin' hot!I too am not into mascara at all!I think it looks more natural without the mascara.So,I don't even have a mascara in my make up kit!I like the extended eyeshadow.Lends such a dramatic look.Well done.:-)

  2. dear,to be very frank i disliked it and most important is shape up your will enhance the make-up a lot

  3. Nice try....looking good.....yeah the eyebrow wud enhance the look even more...
    Your shop website looks pretty awesome!!!keep it up....

  4. Love it! I'm pretty pale, so I don't use the smokey eye a lot, but I always love it on others!

  5. this would be hard for me to pull off here, but i think you did well! you have nice thick lashes, you really don't need mascara...lucky!


  6. very good smokey eye. so much better than i would have done.

  7. I like a very subtle smokey eye.. this kind of look doesn't suit me but u did a pretty good job! :)

  8. I LOVE the Smokey eye look! I'm dark skinned so it's a little hard for me to achieve as well, but I've got a method down that works for me. You look great!

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  9. Nice try...atleast u tried...m damn scared to even try it!!!

    Much Love

  10. I so agree with Lipsy..bravo for trying the look and pulling it off so well :) I shall be too scared to even try it..make-up..I am bad at :(:(
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post. Pls do visit me again!!

  11. Great work with the smokey eye!:)

  12. Looks very very pretty! You did a fantastic job and the it looks gorgeous on you! :o)

    I think the smoky eye look works really well for us South Asian women ... if it's done right and done well. For my wedding back in 2008, I got a smoky eye look done at our MAC makeup counter, bought the makeup and took it to Sri Lanka where the wedding was to be held. The stylist we hired for the wedding day used these to create a smoky eye look, and I was thrilled! I think the makeup they do in Sri Lanka is SO outdated and unflattering, and I didn't want that on my wedding day because I can't re-do that day ever again. No-one in Sri Lanka was doing smoky eyes back then. Hopefully that's different now.

  13. @All,
    Thank you so much. I'm glad that you liked my effort..

    I am so sorry. I had been a bit bus for some days now, I didn't find time to get my eyebrows shaped... :(

    @Tanya VS,
    Thanks for the appreciation on the shop. :)

    Thanks for sharing your makeup musings back in Srilanka. I am sure things would have changed by now.. How's your baby???


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