Lip Balms - My Favourites (Himalayas, Vaseline, Murad)

I studied in a strict convent where, obviously no make up was allowed. Even our nails had to be cut down to the maximum possible and out hair had to be double plaited, no pony's allowed. Forget even nail enamels!!! The only luxury that we had was possibly, Lip balms. 
Image courtesy: Himalaya Herbals
A few years back that was and here in my part of the world, we didn't have much variety in brands too (Ok, the 'we' was also just 2 of us. Myself and another last bencher like me!!!). The classic version of Vaseline was available and the only other option was the Himalaya Herbals Lip BalmNo, that was not what we see in the market today. It was before the brand underwent a Brand Makeover!!! Then, they had a offwhite / darkgreen combo tube packing and the slight fruity taste was not there. That's what we had in our school bags always. And then they had started testing the market with the makeover and the present pack, but with a rounded cap was just visible here n there in the market. My friend laid her hands on it first and then me, and since then I saw its packaging getting changed a couple of times and finally this. It has a lovely fruity flavour to it and it nourishes the lips like anything!!! Till date, its always there in my bag!!!
I recently got the Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy as a free gift along with some other product that I bought and I did love it. Somehow I never liked the classic tasteless version of Vaseline, but this one - too good!!! The best part is the lip smacking chocolate taste, that makes you eat your lip balm!!! This one comes in a stick packaging. 
Then, my uncle on one of his recent flight trips, got this Murad Green Tea Lip Protector, in the in-flight complimentary pack. I never knew of this brand so far. Its a California based brand. Well, the best part of this one - The Green Tea Flavour. Its heavenly. I always have this partiality towards earthy flavours, than fruity or floral, and this one fits the bill perfectly. This once was a cute little 3.5g pack. What's more, it has got SPF 15. Perfect, isn't it?!!!

I love all these...
Value for money & Perfect Nourishment - Himalaya Herbals Lip Balm
Lip Smacking - Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy
Luxurious aroma & Extremely nourishing - Murad Green Tea Lip Protector SPF 15

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  1. Hey Mitr, noticed from your recent photos that you are wearing your hair longer, it looks great and suits you.

  2. same school story , our school tried to ban kajal also :/ and only one pair of earring if you have 2 or 3 ear piercings . i am happy to see that you liked your vaseline lip balm because i basically hated mine :/. i guess i am better with my nivea :P :P

  3. i like lotus lip balm very much........ good review.

  4. I love my maybelline and TBS lip balm :) I never tried the vaseline one thou :)

  5. Hmmm...I gotta buy the cocoa butter Vaseline one.Sounds yummy.I've tried Vaseline,Himalaya,Oriflame,Nivea and Avon.And since I'm such a lip balm person,I don't have any complaint against any of them!

  6. I have tried these. Trust me Try Plum Passion from Fab India. It is the best.

  7. @LK Thala, :)

    Yeah. I've been barred from chopping my hair anymore!!!! :) :) Glad you like me new look. Thanks dear.. :)

    Oooohhh.... Banning Kajal too? That's difficult...!!! And no, I hated the classic version of vaseline. The one I like is the cocoa butter version!!! :)

    @Indian Beauty Central,
    Welcome aboard!!!

    I haven't tried that one yet. Would do!!! :)
    And thanks for the appreciation dear.. :)

    I liked Maybelline too. But was disappointed with its packaging!!! :(

    It was indeed yummy. Try it out...
    And wow, you've got a great list of brands that you've tried out... :)

    Plum Passion - sounds great. Would try it out!!! :)

  8. Am totally a lip balm and gloss person...U can always find two or three different ones in my bag...Tried Vaseline,Himalaya,Nivea,Avon(almost all the variants :P) and Maybelline and I love all of them!! :D

  9. @Swarnali,
    Yeah, even I loved Maybelline, but their lipstick like packaging was a turn off for me!! :(

  10. I totally agree with you!! I love lip balms in cute and bubbly packaging,thats what differentiate them from the lippies which I find more lady like


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