Ponds White Beauty UV Cream - A Review

Ponds had recently sent me their product 'Ponds White Beauty Blemish Prevention UV Cream' as a sample. So, here are the images of the products and my take on the product.
Ponds was one brand that I disliked ages ago, when their only product was the moisturizing cream that came in a white/blue jar package. Later the brand totally got a makeover and is now creating waves with fabulous product range. Hats off to them for this re-imaging of the brand!!!
This Ponds UV Cream, claims to have UVA Four Star and UVB SPF 15.

The ingredients
The packaging is excellent. The pumping mechanism is very good when compared to the other sunscreens that are generally packed as a tube. And I love the color of the packaging too. The slightly-transparent off-white plastic can with transparent pink cover is perfect for the product. It helps to know when is it time to buy your new pack!!!
The aroma is very good. Its very slightly scented that's not overwhelming, just perfect!!! The consistency of the cream, is creamy towards liquid. This would work out perfect on normal to dry skin. My skin is combination one and on applying this, it tends to get oily and creates a shine. But I worked that out by applying loose powder on top of this, to absorb excess oil. So that part too is good...
I liked the consistency of the Ponds White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening Cream much more than this product as it tends to absorb oil from my skin and kinda mattifies it and gives my skin an instant brightening. I personally prefer the Ponds White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening Cream & Facial Foam than the Sunscreen, from this range. They both work out perfectly for me, and I would always re-purchase them...
Coming back to this product, its perfect for everyday office when the transport does not involve too much in sun or geographical locations where sun is not too strong. As some of you know I am a wanderer and traveler and I blog on my travel trails too, at My Travelogue. So, when I am so much in sun and I need SPF 30-50. So SPF 15 is not much enough for me when I am on a trail or trek, but yes, on my regular days this is just fine!!!

The product was sent by the company, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the product.
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  1. even i used to dislike the cold cream of pond's....i have been using vichy for last 5 years and its just really good for my skin..so might not try this one out!!


  2. I love the fact that in spite of it being a sponsored post,you're so blatantly honest!Says something about you.I use the Lotus sun block,the oil free gel one.It's the only one I found that doesn't make my skin oily or makes me sweat like a dog.

  3. i used to like the good 'ol tub of ponds for removing makeup! i only recently discovered they have a whole line of other products!

    You're Invited: fall in love with mark.

  4. Great review! I will defo check it out xoxo

  5. @Shooting Star,
    Glad that you found a perfect cream to suit your skin so well!!!

    Thanks for the appreciation dear..
    Yeah, even I am loyal to Lotus when it comes to sunblock. I love the SPF 30 Matt effect Sunblock!!!

    Ha ha ha!!!

    @The Beautifier,
    Thanks love... Check out their site, they've got a bunch of new stuff!!!

  6. excellent review. beautifully done



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