Navarathri Kolu Outfit - Embroidered Jute Salwar Kameez

This Kurta-Chudi is one of my absolute favorites. This was a gift to me by dearest aunt. The color is offwhite, essentially an unbleached cotton. There is a nice self colored embroidery all over. Its embellished with jute fabric. Unlike the other jute stuff that we generally find, which have a highly polished, fine jute, that almost looks like cotton, this one has a typical sack cloth on it. And atop it, is hand machine embroidery with slight bead work here and there. Its dressy yet subdued. I loved it the moment I saw it. And then I saw many other salwar sets, but kept on coming back to this one and ofcourse, I got this one!!!

Salwar Suit: Tharakaram Silk House, Coimbatore
Bracelet: A gift from a Friend
Watch: D'signer
Footwear: Khal's

The bracelet is again a gift from a dear friend. And yeah, this is what I wore for Navrathri Kolu at my Granda's place!!!

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  1. I soooooo love your kurti and chudi :) Too good bhusha... :) Very nice :)

  2. Nice work. A smiling expression would have made for a better model.

  3. @Sow,
    Thanks di chellam.. :)


    Hey Hi, You're new here right? Welcome to Fashion Panache dear.. :)
    And thanks for your appreciation... :)

    @Mermaid Bidisha,
    Thanks love.. :)

  4. The shalwar suit is smart and chic. The bracelet is wow !

  5. The dress looks nice...and the attitude of the model looks perfectly pouty...but guess the photograph would have been better if the model had been standing up- to sow the dress (and the model) to full advantage....guess you designers really have a great not only get to handle beautiful things, but you get to hang out with pretty models too....enjoy.

  6. @Ganesh,
    Thanks Ganesh. Welcome to my blog... :)
    And thanks a lot for the appreciation and suggestion.
    And as a matter of fact, its me in the pic!!! :)

  7. Hi Bhusha, pretty unique, i would say...a designer modelling her own clothes.....usually they dont have the body to carry off the outfits they design- you do....cheers. have fun.


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