Are you Nuts?! - Nuts in Skincare

"Are you Nuts?!", I asked my vanity case and it said "Nope. But I have many within me"!! As I took out an almond soap from the shelf I suddenly realized it's been so many nuts that I'm using in my skin care section!!! 

Starting with the Khadi soap about which I already reviewed here. One of the variants in the Khadi soap is Apricot!
Moving over to my scrub and it said Walnut! Yup, the Himalaya Herbals Walnut Scrub

Next in the list is a soap! The Himalaya Herbals Moisturizing Almond Soap containing Almond & Rose. It also has extracts of Lemon, Vetiver / Khus, Manjista, plus several oils including Wheatgerm. Its a 125 gm soap with 76% TFM. You know what's the best - the aroma. It has a very pleasing aroma. Bathing using it, actually leaves you relaxed, thanks to the aroma. Nuts in general, have a very high oil / protein content, thanks to that, the soap actually left my skin very much soft and supple. Many a times, soaps have this tendency to strip the skin off the oils and leave it stretched. Well, good news, this doesn't do it! And ofcourse, as always Himalayas has the 'No Animal Testing' policy which adds a feather to its cap!

Next is not a soap, but a liquid body cleanser. Biotique Apricot 100% Soap Free Body Cleanser. Apart from Apricot, it also has Turmeric, Wild Turmeric, Ritha (remember the soap nuts our moms used in the home made Shikakai preparation for hairwash?!) and Bitter Oleander. It's a not-too-thick and not-too-watery lotion, red - hot pink in color. It has this extremely pleasing, herbal aroma. Come on, when you mix apricot and turmeric, what can you expect - a very fabulous aroma! I didn't even use a loofah, but it lathered pretty well. Its not a soap at all, so obviously it didn't leave my skin stretched or stripped off its natural oils and left my skin much softer. Think of it - how would it be in a bath-tub filled with warm water and this lathering, herbal aromatic, body cleanser. You just don't need a spa!!!

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  1. A nutty fragrance walkimg around /passimg by the city? eyes closed you can say its bhusha....i just hope you dont run into any squirrels...remember Scrat the squirrel in ice age who is nuts about a errr, nut? you remind me of him

    1. Lolz!!! :D :D :D
      I have a lots of squirrels in my backyard. But they prefer mangoes to me... :D
      Btw, remember Scrat doesn't get the nut, while I got so many in my Vanity Case.. :)

  2. oh glad dis body cleanser worked well

    liked ur space and following u

    do the same if u like my space

    1. Thanks Vish.
      And thanks again for followin me... :)
      Am following you too... :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Vania.. :)
      Thanks for dropping by n commenting.
      Do drop by often.. :)

  4. I love the Himalaya scrub..have used it for so long...never tried their soaps, though.

    1. Try out their soaps. I've used their almond, cream n honey & cucumber. I'll rank it as almond, cucumber then cream n honey... Try them out. :)

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