Biotique Winter Cherry Body Lotion - A Review

Recently I tried out Winter Cherry Body Lotion and its called Bio Winter Cherry. 
Its a complete herbal formulation consisting of Sunflower Oil, Safflower Oil, Black Mustard Oil, Jatamansi aka Muskroot Extract, Almond Oil, and the primary stuff Winter Cherry aka Ashwagandha! 
Its a baby pink colored lotion with a typical lotion consistency, not too creamy and not too watery. The aroma is good, but not as fabulous as the Biotique Apricot Body Cleanser, that I've reviewed earlier.
The pack doesn't say anything about the skin type its suitable for. So lets take it as 'for all skin types'. For me it was good. However this might not be very suitable for dry or extra dry skin. Suitable in the sense, it may not be enough and it might not give the nourishment and moisture needed. So, practically its for oily-normal skin! It might be enough for dry skinned people in summer but a big no-no for winters. For myself, it was nice and left my skin soft, supple and fragrant.
Over all, its good for skin nourishment for oily-normal skin people for all seasons.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Vish.. :)
      Thanks for dropping by n commenting.
      Do drop by often.. :)

  2. it suits dry skin in extreme winters as well...tried and tested and I really liked this lotion :)

    1. Really??? Coz my feet are drier than the rest of my body and this lotion kind of felt insufficient on my feet!!! But otherwise, really loved this lotion... :)

  3. Hi I have very dry skin and my body skin gets flaky in the summers. I had tried out Biotique, but I did not like it, plus I found it a bit on the expensive side. I have been using Parachute Advansed body lotion because it has coconut milk in it and mint, both very natural products.

    1. Flaky in summers! That's super dry skin!!!
      Good to know Parachute worked for you! :)
      Thanks for dropping by n commenting Reshmi.
      Do drop by often! :)


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