Lotus Herbals Safesun SPF 90 - A Review

Many readers know that I am a traveller too and obviously that calls for non stop usage of sunscreen. A sunscreen I've been loyal to ever since my college days is Lotus Herbals 3 in 1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock. It has SPF 40 and PA+++. Its always been a staple in my bag. Main reason are a few - It actually works really good and it doesn't let my skin tan; With my combination skin that gets super oily with the humidity here, it helps to mattify it; It's tinted and almost like a foundation and in college days I skipped makeup base and used only this!
Recently Lotus Herbals came up with Daily Multi Function Sunblock SPF 70 PA+++ and Innovative Collagen Shield Sunblock SPF 90 PA+++. Its a brand that I'm almost loyal to when it comes to sunscreens and when they introduced such 2 super products, obviously I was more than excited. So here's my take on Innovative Collagen Shield Sunblock.
Its SPF 90 and PA+++, isn't that kind of self explanatory??!!! My staple has been SPF 40 and this is more than twice the protection. With the super heat in the mid-of-may Summer in my part of the world, this is all that I need esp, when I am out on a travel! I wore it and was out on sun for more than an hour at  pre-noon time, and my skin was un-affected!!!
The major ingredients include hydrolysed soy protein & aloe vera. Its preservative free and the herbals in it shields the collagen in the skin. The product claims that the Hydrolysed Soya Protein holds Collagen together in a firm and smooth way & helps combat sun-induced free-radical damage that can accelerate the sign of skin ageing. The Aloevera extract hydrates & replenishes skin and also protects from other sun induced damages.
Personally apart from the super protection factor, the product gives an awesome feel to the skin. Its kinda like a BB Creme. Lotus has made this product similar in feel and appearance to that of my dear old SPF 40 Matte Look Sunblock. Its tinted, so again I could skip makeup base. But if you're of darker complexion it might whiten up the skin! The consistency of the creme is slightly heavier. It has be blended a bit more than a normal lotion. Its gives the good ol' mattifying effect, and doesn't go away in sweat. Only care to be taken is that if you're wearing in a light colored outfit, take care of the neckline & hemline - you don't want to see a skin colored liquid makeup spilled effect on your outfit, right? So pull away the outfit before applying or layer with a towel like a professional make-up artist!

The product was gifted by by the company, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the product. 
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  1. it looks tha same colour as my foundation . .with yellow undertones.. . .sounds perfect !!!

    1. Indeed its a perfect color for many Indian skin tones.
      Do try out n let me know your experience...

  2. Can anybody tell me whether this Lotus Collagenshield Sunblock SPF 90 will whiten my neck? My neck is very dark than my face. Totally different colors, face is fair and neck is too dark because of Sun. I am too much worried about it. And since long time i am finding the solution for whitening my neck. I have applied some moisturizer creams and contacted the skin doctor also finally. But nothing has worked out.

    Today i bought this SPF 90. So, please tell me whether this gonna work out for me? If not this, which creams will work out for whitening very dark neck?

    1. Hi Zoey,
      A sunblock or sunscreen would help only in protecting your skin from sun damage and tanning. It won't revert back the original skin color. I'd suggest you to go for some bleaching to lighten your skin tone. A home remedy would be scrubbing using lemon juice and sugar mixture, leaving off for sometime and then rinsing, for weekly twice...


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