Travelling Diva!

One of my professors says, "Here we have 3 climates - Hot, Hotter & Hottest"!!! And that's true. If I can't have fun in the sun, then I can't have fun at all!!! Some here may know of my other blog, My Travelogue... Yeah, I was bitten by the wanderlust, long ago... So it was bright, shining, hot sun that I explored several places, and that's my way of having fun!!! Planning to take Kyra with me next time... Who's she? Read on...
Here's me at places all over... 
Me & my dearest bike at the Perungudi Lake, spotting Pelicans... 

Biking 70 hairpin bends and then climbing down 1000 steps
to Kollimalai Waterfalls, that's paradise!

The secluded Gorai Beach in the outskirts of Mumbai.
You'll forget you're in Mumbai!!! 

Adventures of a Travelling Diva!
Trying to balance at 30 ft above ground at Horsley hills at 1300 ft above sea level.  

Swinging the ariel root of Banyan Tree at Sanjay Gandhi National Park 

 The astonishing archaeological marvel at Mamallapuram!

In the middle of nowhere at Konganar Caves 
exploring the meditating spot of Siddhas! 

Exploring the epitaphs of 2nd C BC script & Jain spots at
Arnattan Malai, again in the middle of nowhere! 

Beside the swans at Buddha Jayanti Garden at Pusa Hills, New Delhi!

Ofcourse I can't go to all of these places like a potato sack, with full sleeves and scarf et all!!! And more important, at the end of the day I have to look good. Can't go on with tanned, burnt skin and darkened forearms, to a party or wedding, right??? 
Can't let the sun & summer to spoil neither travel nor my skin, right??? My sunscreen is anything above 30 SPF, PA++ normally and 50 SPF, PA+++ in extreme cases. What's yours???
P.S: This is my entry for Indiblogger's Lakme Diva Blogger Contest of Lakme India. Btw, Kyra is the mascot of Lakme Sun Expert range!!! :D :P

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  1. You are quite an adventurer!! :D Nice pictures!!

    Maybe you have time to read my New Post is up- Everything's New: Lots of Surprises


  2. haha...that's quite some post!!! oh my could you do the balancing stuff on those wood plates. 30ft!!! I would die of the height. swinging on the aerial roots looked like the safest thing you did :D

  3. Enjoyed reading. You have a flair and a style of your own. Best .

  4. Enjoyed reading it. You have a style and a flair of your own. Best

    1. Thanks Tikulicious.... :)
      Guess this is your first visit here...
      Thanks for coming. Do drop by often... :)

  5. you're quite an active person.. but the pic in the blue saree was so pretty :) am following your blog now.. do check out my blog :) i'm sure you'll find something useful there..take care


    1. Thank you for your appreciation Doc!
      Will definitely check out your blog! :)


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