Viviana Nail Lacquers & Lipsticks - A Review

I was already appreciating the water-resistance of the Viviana Brand of eye cosmetics was! Now comes the Nail laquers and the lipsticks of this brand! 
The Nail Laquers comes in 30 colors and what you see here is VNL007-Silken Red. Well, I'm not a very nail polish person, all I prefer and have are a few neutral colors that goes with all outfits. This Silken Red was also good. Its a pearly deep red color. In the container it looks maroonish but on applying it turns out deep red! Goes well with most ethnic wear! 
It claims that its quick dry, long lasting and water resistant. The consistency of this was a bit watery when compared to Lakme or Revlon. A single coat is just not sufficient and it gives a very uneven finish. But on applying a second coat, it comes out with flying colors. One negative point is the smell - its similar to the cheap quality nail polishes! Quick dry - yes, its relatively quick, not very quick. Long lasting - It did not chip for 3 days in my rough handling (by that I mean gardening et all)! Water resistant - Errr.. Is there any nail polish that is 'not' water resistant??? I'm confused! But then, overall, I really liked it!!!
The lippies are very very good. Very moisturizing! The lipcolor-creme part of the lipstick alone is made in Italy, otherwise manufactured here in Dehradun. It has a 3 year shelf life and it contains Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil. The best part is its lanolin free. Lanolin is actually a by-product of wool. Its really difficult to find lanolin free cosmetics for people who don't want animal products in them! Here's the solution!!! 
It comes in 6 shimmer colors and 6 matte colors. The casing is in black and gold and is really really strong. I slipped of my hands and feel almost 7 feet down on tiled floor - no damage! 
This is a matte shade VLM005-Sinful Velvet. Its almost a n*de color for my wheatish skintone. I could say, its a pinkish n*de!
This one is a shimmer shade VLF004-Fiesty Fairy. Its a pretty pink with slight shimmer, yet very moisturizing. 
The products were gifted by by the company, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the product. 

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  1. nice shade dear.. i love their nail paints..:)

  2. The first lippie in the pic looks cool.. Following you.. Do check out mine @ and support if you like!

    1. Hi Addicted to Nailpaints,
      Thanks for dropping by n commenting.
      Do drop by often.
      I'd love your visits & comments.
      And thanks for following and coming over to your blog rightaway!

  3. try wearing a concealer before wearing your lipstick.. the colour will show up show much better!!!


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