Globus Phoenix Marketcity Chennai - Store Review

Remeber, my last post was on What I wore to the Globus Store Launch?? Well, all my Indian readers would know of Globus! Globus is an Indian Fashion brand / store which houses awesome stuff of its own brand and also few other brands! 
Its headquarters is located in Mumbai and that's where the first store was opened in 1999. Guess where the 2nd & 3rd stores were opened? In my dearest city, Chennai. Very recently Globus opened its 35th store and where is that, once again in Chennai. 
Let me first tell about the shopping malls of Chennai... Long long ago, very long ago, so long ago there was Prince arcade, but in today's world, its no more a mall! Then came Spencer's Plaza which was great till a decade ago and today its becoming less crowded. Recently Ampa Mall & Express Avenue opened up and then very recently came Phoenix Market City. Phoenix is huuuge, a lot more spacious, and fabulous than the rest! And within Phoenix, in the 1st floor is Globus!!!
So here in Phoenix Market City, Globus is bigger than the other 2 branches in Chennai. The store was opened by singer/actress Andrea Jermiah (I fell in love with her when I heard this song. Listen to it, even if you don't understand the language. Her voice is mesmerizing!!!). 
This post is gonna be pic heavy! Well, the new collections were awesome. And this spring summer, the florals and prints were everywhere. That too in multitudes of colors!!! Ain't my style and color, so in sync with the mannequins at the background???!!!!!
The first new collection was called 'Grow'! This collection is inspired by the plantations in the small, space constrained, cosmopolitan cities, where people grow potted plants to be in touch with nature, in their living space! So the florals in this collection are small and not very organized, but a bit scattered!
The second collection was 'Aqua' inspired by Scuba diving!!! The colors were pastel candy colors with motifs inspired by underwater. Guess where the Head Designer Shilpee, got his inspiration from??? errrr... underwater itself. Shilppe himself went scuba diving at Bali island before starting to design this collection!!! The third collection was 'Mexican Bride', so virginal with laces and whites!!! 
F21 is their collection for the 21 year olds and F16 is for the teens! Here is F21 Street which is more of casuals and F21 Party which is Partywear. I loved the kaleidoscopic prints of F21 Street. F21 Party had some subdued bling going on!!!

Here comes my fav - F21 jeans in all pastel candy colors, so apt for this season.
The Indian section was again a multitude of prints. Maxis were everywhere as skirts, dresses, and so were jumpsuits, too! 

Bright Neon colors were also everywhere - Bags, purses, belts, cell pouches, jewellery, scarves, and ofcourse garments!!! They have a good range of jewellery too. An entire rack of golden jewellery indeed pulled me to it! Ofcourse the store has a good range of men's wear and a little bit of kids' wear too which I'm not getting into much. But then I really like the printed tees in men's section. 
So here are some of my favourite pieces. Starting with this gorgeous golden corset styled top. The fabric is white / gold jacquard and the construction is like a corset. The back has a transparent chiffon layer within and is lace-up styled, and right atop is a huge cut-out!!! Its bling, its peekaboo, its lace-up - its everything I love!
That's a very simple dress until to zoom into its print. See how cute it is!!! 
Heart shaped golden sequinned box clutch. N*de patent purse.... I love them!!!
I've declared my love for everything Gold, several times in this blog. See this black-gold envelope clutch with the season specialty studs & rivets!!! Perfect match with the golden footwear too. I just wish Globus comes up with a much more wide range of footwear & bags, not much to choose from, as of now!
Their LBD collection was called 'Poetry'. When compared to prints, I love jacquards and damasks more. This LBD was perfect. Simple, modest, shape flattering cut and jacquard and teamed perfectly with the black sequinned box clutch... As such their LBD collection came in a wide array of textures - velvette with sequins, jacquard, lace!

This piece intrigued me. Guess what's it inspired by - one of my favourite designers, Lee McQueen aka Alexander McQueen!!! Its a jersey jumpsuit with cowl bottom, with golden sequin embroidery at chest & belt! Honestly, I was over the fence whether I liked it or not!!! Btw, that's the head Designer Shilpee of Globus who took time to explain each and every collection to me! So sweet of him!!!
That's a jersey color block dress with thread embroidery with sequins on chest and belt! Perhaps Globus is one of the very few brands that uses jersey in such innovative ways!!!
So next time you're in Chennai, don't forget to check out Globus at Phoenix Market City at Velacherry! Not patient enough? Check out their online store...

I was invited to the launch and was gifted a voucher, by the company for reviewing purposehowever the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the store.
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  1. I like the inspiration behind the collection. I would definitely wear some of these pieces! I love the black dresses :) Thanks for sharing.

    xo Azu

  2. Lovely post. Will checkout this place when i visit Chennai next time :)

  3. Looks like a lovely store!

    X Laura

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  6. I adore that golfing ladies dress! When I was in Trivandrum, Kerala, I never saw a western clothing store.

  7. I have never heard of Globus, but I love the colourful clothes, perfect for the summer! Following you via bloglovin too!


  8. Just love it!

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  9. It looks great, cool selection! Xo

  10. Lovely pictures, such nice items, xoxo.

  11. This place looks like shopping heaven!!! I just listened to Andrea Jermiah and she has a beautiful voice!

  12. Love it dear! :)
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  13. Thanks for sharing! Yes, you are in sync with the mannequins! Guess that means you are ahead of the fashion trend!

    Corinne x

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  16. Wow, what a fully loaded post of inspiration. I like the aquatic influence collection. Thanks for sharing this.

  17. Thanks for your lovely comments ladies! :)

  18. Nice store!!
    This shop clothes is colorful and cute<3

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  20. Thank you so much Megumi! :)
    The store just speaks Spring, doesn't it!!! :)


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