Bride's Maid Look - Converting a Skirt into a Offshoulder Dress

Ask any Indian lady, what's the most unused piece of garment in the entire wardrobe. I'm sure 90% of the answers would be a Ganghra choli. A Gaghra is a long skirt with heavy embroidery, sometimes with mirror work, sometimes with stone work, sometimes with gold metal zari embroidery and sometimes a mix of all these. A Choli is the cropped top worn atop the Gaghra, again bejewelled with embroidery, stones and gold! Sometimes this choli also has a lace-up open back.
This heavy garment is usually bought for ones own wedding or others wedding, in a bit simpler, less heavy style. But then, something this complicated is never worn at all after that occasion. Yes. I have one too. This is completely hand embroidered with applique and mirror work. And ofcourse, I've worn it for 1-2 occasions and its at the posterior end of my wardrobe.
So here's what I did to re-use it! I wore the skirt high as an off-shoulder dress. Since I'm not an 'off-shoulder outfit' person I chose to layer it with a skin colored tee within and fitted it with a belt!

Ganghra worn as Dress: Handmade & Hand embroidered by artisans of Gujarat
Tee: Received as gift from a friend
Belt: Romwe c/o Ocrun
Beige BlackShoes: c/o 
Watch: Titan Raga
Gold Jewelry: Inspiration c/o Naaptol Coupons from 27coupons

You know what, I've developed fear to wear gold of late. With such a hike in gold price, its so damn scary to wear gold with the fear of losing it somewhere. However, without heavy gold jewellery, no traditional Indian esp. South Indian outfits are worn. This kind of heavy necklaces are a norm in any South Indian wedding. I love them too! But then wearing this in gold is like............................ errr....... no ways!!! 
When I spotted these artificjewels in the Naaptol website, I was more than happy. This is a 1gm gold plated jewellery. This came as a set of 3 necklaces (1 short, 1 long, 1 layered) with their earrings, along with a finger ring, bracelet and maang teeka (a forehead jewel). 
I am wearing the short & long necklace with earring, ring & bracelet. Doesn't it look really gold like? Come on, I'm not gonna wear it daily. Its only for occasions and when preserved well the sheen lasts. Much cheaper and serves the purpose. 
And the best part, I got this entire set at 74% off!!!! Yup, you read that right. 74%. I got that offer from, a coupon website which practically has the coupons of every other online store. Upon subscription to this site by e-mail, the coupons are directly delivered to your mail box! I really happy. Its a good investment made!!!

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  1. What a pretty dress! I love the designs on it. You look fabulous :)

    xo Azu

  2. El collar es precioso!

  3. This year our house was broken into and all the gold I love to wear my gold with me because I feel safer about it that way:)

    You look great and it is nice idea to wear a long skirt like that...I also do it sometimes.

  4. Loved your styling idea, the ghagra has become such a fab fusion wear dress..! Those 1gm gold necklaces are pretty, they look so close to the real stuff :-)

  5. Lovely dress! I die for the accessories! Gimmee! lol

    Just followed you :)

  6. so beautiful and the jewels are to die for!

  7. Olá

    Nice dress and nice jewelry

    AMIGA da MODA by Kinha

  8. Thank you for the nice comment :)

    It is a very very nice accessory!!

    I following you now!!
    I hope for you to return me to follow<3

  9. Nice blog!!!!
    I'm following you on GFC and FB (my like)!!!!
    I hope that you will do the same...

  10. Nice look:) if you want go to my blog:)

  11. Great look!

    Visit our blog there is a new post waiting for you, you have to check it, I am sure that you would like it, we show ours last photos of our trip to Italy, the last city, Rome!!
    Thousands of kisses!

  12. Wow I love how you remixed it, so creative and it looks great.
    xo Annie

  13. how pretty! I love all those golden accessories :)

  14. Thank you for your lovely comment :)
    So beautiful! Love the acessories dear <3 xx

  15. What a beautiful dress!
    The jewelry is amazing as well.
    Thanks for the sweet comment :)

  16. absolutely love your necklace! It's so gorgeous!

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  18. That necklace is to die for!

    Check out my blog… Let me know if you’d like to follow each other! =)
    Lattes & Lacee

  19. Its beautiful, I love the colours!

    Corinne x

  20. Oh, you are so beautiful! :)

  21. Lovely blog, my dear. Would u like to follow each other?


  22. nice jewelry, nice dress. you look great ;)

  23. Sooo beautiful! I love your jewelery - so exotic.
    You have a new follower GFC + bloglovin.

  24. Hi dear
    Thanks for your comment some weeks ago on my blog
    Nice necklace

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  25. Thank you all for your wonderful comments girls!!! :)

  26. OMG this is absolutely gorgeous ... and what a brilliant idea to wear it as a dress!!! LOVE it!!

  27. You look Lovely! We can follow each other if you want, let me know <3

  28. Hey, that'a a nice dress! I followed you on gfc and bloglovin, please follow back :)

  29. Love the dress! I've followed you gfc now so I hope you do the same :)


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