Semi Formal Look - Green Jeans

Here's one more of my color of the denims to be added to m wardrobe. Green... Yup, I already have a mint green. This one is more of a teal blue-green. 

Top: Naidu Hall, Chennai
Jeans: c/o
Footwear: From a street store in Thane
Beaded Bangle: Handmade by artisans of Uttar Pradesh
Beaded Necklace: Handmade by tribal artisans of Tamil Nadu

This time its from a brand new online store called based at Gurgaon in India. The store presently has women's wear and kids wear. They have some nice tops and some beautiful varieties of dresses. But its their bottoms section that I dug into. I got 2 of their colored jeans. Its pretty good. The material is soft and stretchable. Sadly I couldn't find the fiber content  % label on it, but going by its feel, its made of cotton and has a good mix of lycra. I'd say its a mix between jeans and jeggings. It has flat front, front zipper and button, but the front pockets are fake. It has 2 back pockets though. 
This was not the only jeans I got from them. Another gorgeous colored denim is coming up in the next post. Wait n watch!!!
I bought that top long time back. You already saw me wearing it here and here. That's a Gujarati handwork of hand embroidery and tie dye work called Bandhni put together. And that's pretty old too. I bought in 2003 during my 12th std!!! I love the way they are put together and appliqued and also the way the colors pop up in the black base!!

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  1. What a great looking green.

  2. Nice pants! Looking good... xo

  3. You look so beautiful, and I love your jeans.

  4. Great combo these pants and the top, the shades of green match nicely. I do love the sandals!
    Fantastic outfit!

  5. Great outfit!

    you have a lovely blog1 following you on gfc, twitter and bloglovin :)

  6. I liked your style! Very Tendy & Chic :)

  7. I love the traditional look with the more modern look. You look great!!!



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