Gehna Jewellery Chennai - Store Review

Recently I was invited to have a look at this jewelry store called Gehna in Chennai. Tucked away in a quiet lane, off a very busy main road in a major locale in Chennai, the location was perfect with easy accessibility with quite surroundings.
Well, Gehna was founded by Sunith Samdaria. Originally from Bikaner, in Rajasthan, but settled in Chennai few generations earlier. He has been into the jewelry business for years together now, as B2B. That's more of a trader of jewelry and gem stones from Rajasthan to the jewelry stores here. Later on, since the past few years, he's now into B2C business and founded Gehna. Now his son Vineeth is also a part of this business. On the first glace, its a typical jewelry store with some jewelry on display. But no, this is not what they are great about...
Its their customization that they're known for. Having a fab pair of earrings, but no necklace? Having a awesome piece of jewelry gifted by your granny, but dunno how to wear it, and wanna alter it to suit your taste?? Looking for a perfect set to match your wedding saree??? That's what they specialize in.  
How's that necklace & earrings set in the first pic of the post??? That's what Gehna came up with, when a customer walked in with a gorgeous saree, looking for a perfect set to match, at a given a budget. The above pic is what happened when a Christian bride came in with an idea to have a white & royal blue themed wedding!

Their clients are not just from India. That's for an amazing woman from the USA, who wanted simple, elegant, rustic, pieces of earrings & stack-able rings.
Another factor they specialize in - filigree work! That's not laser cut! That's completely handmade. Gehna has its own team of designers and craftspersons who make your dream jewelry come true. 
Once your idea is understood by them, they start making sketches and after shape, stone, metal and color approvals, your idea gets shape bit by bit!

Some more of their off-the-rack contemporary pieces...

And some of their refurbished antiques!!!
They are pretty attractive in money matters too! Guess what's the cheapest piece of jewelry they've sold so far? It was 800 bucks. The cheapest piece available when I went was about Rs.1300. Yes, that was off the rack! But customization would prove too costly? Nope. Their cheapest piece of customized jewelry was a pair of silver jhumka earrings at 3000 bucks! Now, that's called affordable!!! 
In a mood to indulge? Go for white gold studded with diamonds, rubies and emeralds. On a budget? Go for the same design in silver with cubic zircona, garnet and jade. But before you make up your mind, make an appointment here: 98407 02969, 044-2836 3602/3. Or call Sunith directly at 98410 39449. They're located in Chennai at Harrington Road, Chetpet. Check out their site at

P.S: I was invited to the store and was given a gift by the company for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the store.
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  1. wow it looks really good :O

  2. These pieces are amazing! What gorgeous and intricate pieces...thanks for sharing :)

    xo Azu

  3. Wonderful pieces!

  4. some of the pieces look really nice, what did you splurge on?

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments girls!
    Divi, nope, I did not!!! Lolz...


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