WEDDING DIARIES - Wedding Ceremony Attire - Mehendi

Many a times, when people talk about Indian weddings, Sangeet and Mehendi become an integral part. Well, I'm a South Indian. India is a vast country and the cultural difference between northern and southern parts of India are poles apart. One common factor could be both are very colorful. But apart from that, the ceremony, the rituals, traditions, no. of days, outfits, everything totally changes... The South Indian style has no Sangeet or Mehendi. Instead it has a  Nichayadhartham (something like engagement but happens just the day before wedding) and Nalangu (games between bride and groom after wedding). Also there's a Sumangali Pooja (Prayer to all ancestors who had long, happy married life)... But then, we opted to have a simple wedding and chose to skip Nichayadhartham and Nalangu!!! 

But then, I did have Henna on my palms, but it was not the Mehendi as known to the world. It was the typical south Indian style of wearing Henna. Traditionally, here, the Henna leaves were plucked and ground into a paste. My dear mom did that for me... The design in not intricate as Northern parts of India. Its a big circle at the centre of palm and smaller dots around it with caps on finger tips. 
On foot too, its a circle at centre and a line along the edge... I painted my nails with Vivanna Nail Laquer in Silken Red (reviewed here). 

Coming back with the jewelry part!!!

P.S: Photography by ShutterMonkeyz

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  1. Oh so you went along the simple route - lots of people do these days, better than spending 15L in a couple of days. I am waiting to see you in madisar

  2. Beautiful...thanks for explaining the differences, I enjoyed that as I never knew the differences. So wonderful doll. Have a lovely weekend xx

  3. I am North Indian and there is such a huge difference b/w our styles of wedding.. But must say, both the cultures have their own grace

  4. lovely :)
    shaadi toh ek he bar hoti hai life mai, so wtever the customs and all, its always fun :)

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  5. I m so glad u chose a simple wedding. Sometimes we tend to go overboard with the wedding celebrations and somewhere lose the essence of it.
    Love ur mehendi..nothing can beat the special mommy touch to ur mehendi..u r gonna cherish it for life.

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  6. so beautiful! and it is interesting to learn about the differences:)

  7. Wow... kalyana marudhani <3 awesome that you went totally by our style!

  8. It's pretty... traditional and gracefully tinted hands, ready to embark on a new phase in life...

  9. Many Congratulations to you! Have a blissful wedded life:-)

  10. I love the henna caps.. It brings the whole bride look together. I intend to do a mehendi design but with the caps. Yours look so pretty and traditional

  11. Thank you so much everyone! :)
    Glad you liked my simple route! :)


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