Semi Formal Look - Peplum Top & Printed Jean

Many a times, when someone goes on a vacation, they get few souvenirs for close friends & relatives, mostly a tacky printed tee. In India this habit is a bit more extensive. Whenever someone gets married, the close circle of relatives are gifted with clothing, mostly saree or salwar kameez. That's awesome, but for fashionistas, its a bit dreadful......
Readymade clothing mostly won't fit. Sarees and salwar kameez may not even relate to your taste in clothing. Sometimes I've received silk, that I don't wear. Sometimes I've received polyester that's totally unsuitable for the climatic conditions I live in. And, come on, I wear sarees and salwar kameez only on occasions. And at those times, I wanna wear something that I totally love, not something that's not even my style, just coz someone gifted that to me and they expect me to wear it on some important occasion!!!! 
But thank God, I have some friends & relatives who understand my style sense and have taken effort to gift me clothing that I totally love!!!! One was this saree that an aunt gifted, it looks rich like silk, but its pure cotton. Another was this salwar that another aunt gifted. She got the same pattern in various colors for all her niece and I was lucky to get this sandal instead of pista green or peach!!!! Another was this kurti that my friend gifted, I love the hand embroidery and the unique printing technique on it called Devoré.
This time, I was more than lucky when my SIL, sent me this awesome Peplum tee and patterned trousers from Singapore, when my MIL visited her. The color, the matching of the top & trousers, the fit, everything was perfect and spot on to my taste.... I loved it so much that I had to share it here....

Top & Trousers: Patch (Received as Gift)
N*de patent wedges: Globus
Necklace: c/o
Bangle: Handmade by artisans of Rajasthan
Earrings: Tanishq
Sunglasses: Arrow

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  1. so true, I often wonder why people gift such horrible stuff, especially when they dont see us wearing such things

  2. you look fab girl , love your pants
    keep in touch

  3. Lovely top! :)

  4. fabulous the pants and the blouse....How is married life treating you?
    I do agree that such traditions can be a bit tiresome sometimes, but hey it's really nice that your relatives understand your style and gift you accordingly.

    1. Its great Ivana. Thanks for your concern & love.
      Hell yeah, indeed lucky to have people who understand my style sense.

  5. love ur killer ootd , forever a fan here ,,, xoxo



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