DIY Waste Basket

Well, the regular detergent used at my hubby's place is Surf Excel Matic. While picking up the pack, something suddenly occurred to me - its packaging was awesome! The whole thing was made of cardboard. It had a top opening and had an innate snap lock system - all in cardboard. I loved it! 
I thought why not re-use it. It could be used as a container. Anyways I wanted a small waste basket near my desk. But I didn't want the 'Surf Excel' flashed everywhere I kept it!!! So here's what I did....
Here are the things I used.
1. News papers (I used The Hindu)
2. Metro Plus supplement of The Hindu * 2
3. Fevicol (I used Fabric glue coz I had it)
4. Flat brush (I used Hog Hair 1")
and ofcourse
5. Empty cardboard container of Surf Excel.
I tore of small bits of the newspaper taking care to leave off those headings or sub headings. Stuck 'em up all over the box without leaving any space. After filling up the whole space, I gave one more coating of diluted fabric glue to enforce those frayed edges.
Why 2 of those Metro Plus??? Well..... That's for that USE ME Sign. From one 'Plus' came US and E from 'Metro'. From another 'Metro' came the 'ME'.....
How's it? Have you re-used those Surf Excel boxes?? Let me know how you made it....

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