Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo - A Review

After the Himalaya Herbals Facewash review in the last post, now its time to review a shampoo. I had used Himalaya shampoo long long back (I mean, about some 3-4 yrs back), but I was totally disappointed with it. After all these years, now after the brand has done a great makeover I thought its time to give it another try.
The pack I tried this time is called the Himalaya Herbals, Improved conditioning, Anti Hairfall shampoo. I've been using this for about 2 months now.
It has a flip cap. Same off white, green packaging like most other Himalayas products. It definitely smells much better than the one I used years ago. That one smelled like I walked into a herbal medicine store, that overwhelming!!! This one does smell herbal, but much pleasing... 
The main ingredients are Butea Frondosa, Bringraj & Chickpea. Chickpea as we all know is a major source of protein, which is essential for hair growth. Bringhraj is another commonly used plant that helps strengthening the hair.  
Now what is this Butea Frondosa? Its Flame of the Forest. Remember, while travelling in the train for long distances, we see an outburst of orange flowers in the midst of greenery. That is Flame of the Forest, scientifically Butea Frondosa, and Palash in Hindi. How helpful is that? Well, they've researched the effectiveness and also managed to get a Patent for it!!!
My way of shampooing my hair is always after oiling and letting it sit for atleast half an hour. So none of the shampoos dry out my hair. This too didn't.
I particularly wanted to check if it frizzes out my hair. So deliberately I did not use conditioner after using this. My hair isn't as soft as, if I had used conditioner. But my hair wasn't frizzy either. 
Certain shampoos that I had used add some shine to my hair. This one didn't. Anyways, dealing with hairfall - Well, the pack declares that it helps against hairfall only due to breakage. Sadly, right now I cannot comment on it, coz I have such super short hair now that breakage doesn't happen. Hairfall for me, happens from the scalp, not along the length!!!

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  1. very honest review, i am a big fan of himiliya products
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  2. Great review doll, I hope you have a super week :) x

  3. Its nice to read a honest review :) Thanks for sharing..

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  4. Glad you girls found my review useful! :)


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