Casual Date Look - Lace up Jeans!

Blue Jeans are boring right? You can't have more than one unless there's something special about it. My friend has a Levis jeans, without waistband with exposed fly! You've seen mine with a zipper from ankle to calf. Just spotted a new one without waist button with its fly including waistband and a lace up detail covering the fly! Now, that's interesting and I had to get it.
One thing I've learnt in online shopping is that you've gotta get a size bigger than your actual size when you buy from nations with petite people - China, Malaysia, Singapore! And yeah I did so. The jeans fits perfectly well. A bit too perfectly that I can't afford to put on a wee bit also!!!
And yeah, I bought that tee at thrift store with a cute phoenix print on it!!! And how's that multi colored Fleur de Lis pattern on the wall? Will do a post on that soon. Wait n watch!!!
Tee: Thrifted from a Flea Market in Chennai 
Shoes: Thrifted from a Flea Market in Chennai 
Ring: Zariin

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  1. nice top , i love the print


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