Chennai Fashion Week 2015 - Ritu Kumar

Is there any Indian bride who hasn't wished that she was draped in a Ritu Kumar outfit on her Wedding day??? How I wished too??!!!! Anyways, that didn't happen. But getting to see Ritu Kumar's show seated in the first row is kinda mind blowing too!!! Here's Ritu Kumar at Chennai Fashion Week CFW2015.
The first few outfits were soft and light, with whites, and beiges, inspired by Gossamer Jaalis. The textile techniques of block print, chikankari embroidery, subtle shimmers. Some garments were layered with sheer fabrics which were also embroidered. Tone on tone embroidery also added to the elegance of the outfits!
From beiges and whites, gradually the colors moved to neutrals, golds, and browns. From sarees to lehengas to gowns to anarkalis, the collection covered it all pretty well.
Culmination was with the much colorful bridal outfits, with reds, greens, violets, blues, pinks etc, with much heavier textile techniques like zardozi, aari, thangkai etc, with much more layering with much more complexity of the hand work on it! The inskirt of the lehengas were edged with gold, that made the layering also much richer and fabulous!
How I really wish I could get married again (to the same guy, ofcourse), wearing a Ritu Kumar outfit... (probably one more time probably with a Sabysachi outfit! Lolz!!!)

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  1. so many amazing dresses! Many Indian style wedding dresses are really a work of art!

  2. Nice video.. My aunt lives in Chennai n wanted to visit this show but she couldnt make it..
    I wil forward ur blog link to her :)

    New Video is up -

    One Jumpsuit= 12 Different Looks


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