Doodle Diary, DDLJ & a Giveaway

Anyone who knows Hindi and has any idea of bollywood, would have definitely watched Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge or fondly called DDLJ. Who would forget Raj & Simran romancing on the mustard fields and the climax of Simran running in the railway station???!!!!! Very recently it celebrated its 20 years of release, and its still running in a theatre with completely packed shows, making it the longest running film in the history of Indian cinema!!! 

Background Pic Credit: Florian Seidel
Why am I talking about DDLJ here, all of a sudden. Well, Doodle Collection is a brand of notebooks and diaries and one of their collection is called the YRF collection and the best example of Yash Raj Films, ofcourse DDLJ.... Here's the diary inspired by DDLJ... 
Background Photo Credit: Wikimedia
What better way to depict an OOTD with DDLJ than in the railway tracks and deserted railway stations??? And for the first ever time in this blog, I've tried done a 'different' photoshoot. Did it indoor and photoshopped myself into various landscapes!!! And that's exactly why you see a background photo credit below the pics!!! How's it???
Background Photo Credit: Nic Barfield
Background Photo Credit: Freetown Baby! Blog
Crop top & Maxi Skirt: Bhushavali
Jacket: Dakshinachitra
Necklace: Received as a Gift
Wooden Bangles: Handmade by craftspersons of Andhra Pradesh
Diary: Bell Diary from Doodle Collection
So, the notebook is called 'The Bell'. It represents the Swiss Cow Bell that Simran leaves for Raj at his door as a symbol of love!!! The Bell on the cover actually has 3 textures - metallic, leather and glitter effects, to go with the actual bell feel.
The notebook has monthly planners at regular intervals. Each planner is themed of a different city - Paris, Athens, Amsterdam, Swiss etc, taking you through the various landscapes of Europe that Raj & Simran romanced in!!!!!
I'm in love with this diary!!! Guess what, Doodle Collection is giving away my precious readers a planner, diary or notebook of your choice!!! What are you waiting for? Get going!!! Just Like the pages of Fashion Panache & Doodle Collection to enter and what's more, you have 9 more options to increase your chances of winning!!! You must have a Indian shipping address for us to send this over...

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  1. Nice pictures but why no smile on face?/ intentional?

    1. Indeed intentional, like in most of my OOTD-s... :)

  2. Nice pictures but why no smile on face?/ intentional?

  3. when i was small, my mom was watching a lot of indian movies ;)

  4. Such a lovely dress! Underlines your awesome style!

  5. Lovely photos Bhushavali! Same question as Shrinidhi - why no smile?

    1. As replied above, its intentional, like in most of my OOTD posts.

  6. Lovely story and pics. Maybe we could follow each other :)

  7. Great blog. Super pictures. I also invite you to my world.

  8. Nice!
    Enter my giveaway and win free shipping+glasses!

  9. Love your yellow skirt and all those bangles are amazing!

    Bella Pummarola

  10. Did you design this outfit Bhushavali? WOW, It's really pretty with the right amount of prints and colour. You look great!

    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!

  11. Love the Thought Bubble Planner from Doodle.. Participated in the giveaway :)

  12. Thanks for your time to leave a comment! All the best to all who participated...


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