Wall Art - Fleur de Lis & Wavy hair Girl

A few posts earlier in some of my OOTDs (here, here & here) the wall behind me had some interesting wall arts. I told you then, that I will do a dedicated post on them! Here it is.
Well, a few months back, my dad suddenly decided that he's gonna paint the house, or atleast a few rooms himself coz he wanted a new hobby!!! I felt, he's behaving like the heroes of Hollywood movies where they have hobbies like carpentry, welding things, tree house building, white washing etc!!! Sounded incredible indeed. So yeah, a few of his weekends were spent this ways...
After he finished off the living room with 2 coats of white, before he could decide on the color, in one of the weekdays, I stood in the centre of the room and felt it was one big canvas and I had to do something on it. A wall art???
2 options were in my mind - one going neutral with browns & beiges, another going colorful with bright multicolor. After breaking my head for something I headed to option 2. 
Fleur de Lis has always been my favourite icon, so I opted for it on one wall. With 4 bright colors of emulsion paint and after cutting up an OHP sheet to the pattern, I did this wall!
On the next wall, I wanted something else. A woman with flying hair was what came on my next wall. I call her a Medusa!!! Yeah, you're right. Medusa is freaky with snakes as hair. But doesn't every evil woman have an innocent and a seductress version of herself?! So this is her innocent version... 

Her hair is wavy and flying and is filled with all things nice - flowers, bows, butterflies, swallow birds, music notes, hearts, hibiscus, stars, and some dots & circles!!! 
When 2 walls are so heavy and filled, I opted for something much much simpler in the other 2 walls. On a wall behind furnitures, at the joints, I opted for smaller, golden Fleur de Lis.
Yet another wall, which has a window, I opted for the same multicolors, in just thin stripes along the window pane line. 
That's with the living room... How is it??? Coming back soon with the other rooms!!!

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