Chennai International Fashion Week 2015 - Manoviraj Khosla & Jules Idi Amin

Over to the uber sexy designer, Manoviraj Khosla. His collection here was in the same lines as of his collection at PFW. His collection started with some fitted outfits in pastel colors and moved over to shimmers, in this signature fluid, draped outfits! Following this came in some beautiful floral prints in both fitted and fluid garments - a range in solids of blue, yellow and pink and then a range in multi colors....

His show stopper was a person who is perfectly in sync with his style - uber sexy - Actress Tapsee Pannu. She was draped in a shimmery, fluid dress and looked absolutely splendid in it.
One more specialty of Manoviraj Khosla - live music for his ramp show. The same band 'One nite stand' performed here but with their new, changed name 'Best Kept Secret' with the lead singer & guitarist Behram Siganporia... Here's a video of the designer, show stopper and lead singer, literally, I mean quite literally jumping and dancing on the ramp - See the video to know it. Sadly my cam has picked the electric guitar's audio pretty bad. Anyways, it would just give you an idea of the mood at the show...

Next up is Jules Idi Amin Varghese. Her collection was called Mystique. The garments were in line with her earlier collection My Li'l Blue Teapot, but she has expanded her palette here with more colors with a hint more shimmer and she had introduced sarees this time. With 'strobing' technique taking over the makeup trends now, her models wore strobing makeup with a hint of color as well. 
The highlight of her collection was her showstopper - Apsara Reddy. Probably this is the first ever time ever, in an International Fashion Week, a transgender walks the ramp as show stopper! I'm impressed!!! Hat's off!!!!!

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