Forest Essentials Nargis Moisturizing Lotion - A Review

One of the leading Ayurvedic brand in India is Forest Essentials. Recently, I check out their store in Chennai and here's an overview. 
First things first, the store itself looks very interesting with mirror inlay details on walls, chandeliers and Raja Ravi Varma inspired photoshoot! Loved it. 

The entire shop is filled with 'Try me' products on the display racks. So, conveniently, without fear you could try it out, and if you like, the fresh products from the stock 'behind-the-curtain' is given to purchase. Esp., this Jasmine perfume or body mist (coz there's no alcohol in it), was displayed so beautifully with a paper flower beside it.
Some of their products really caught my attention. One was this set of men's grooming products. Another was their sandalwood products. I personally love sandalwood. It reminds me of my grandpa who buys actual pieces of original sandalwood and grinds it for everyday use! The smell is just the best, I mean THE BEST! Here I was taken back to those memories with the mesmerizing smell of original sandalwood.
Another was their range of Soundarya products which uses 24 karat Gold metal which is converted to Bhasma (ash - Yashad bhasma) mixed with the ghee of cow's milk - that's a lot of amazing techniques ingredients in 1 product. Yashad Bhasma has a natural spf of 15. I did try their Soundarya ubtan. Unlike regular scrubs, this was very finely ground. When mixed with any liquid (I used yogurt) and applied, though I felt the scrubbing feel, it wasn't very hard on skin, yet felt scrubbed and cleansed at the end.

One product that's I'm using now is Nargis Ultra Rich Body Lotion. Its a moisturizer with a thick liquid-y consistency in white. Its very nourishing indeed. The smell is absolutely divine. It spreads well and absorbs easily making the application quick & easy. It was perfect for Chennai winters. With just one application leaves the skin supple for an entire day. However here in London at below 10 deg C, its nourishment gives up in about 3 hrs...
The product range is vast from lip balms, eye creams, face & body creams, hair & body oils, essential oils, ubtans (scrubs), lotions, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, makeup removers, insect repellents, They also have a range of infant care and moms & mom-to-be care products. Their ingredients is also very vast incl. Sandalwood, tuberose, jasmine, gold, milk, ghee, yogurt, honey, walnuts, almond, coconut, rose, marigold, lavender, neem, lemon, clay, aloevera, saffron, sugar, cane, eucalyptus, pepper, vetiver, sesame seeds.... and the list goes on. Basically you get the idea, right?!!! 
Just 1 consideration for me. When everything is so eco-friendly, from raw materials to production, why pack it in plastic & polythene? Why not something that's more eco-friendly or easily reusable like may be, glass jars?????

That's my mini spa with a lovely sales assistant at the store. The lovely ladies Aastha Gupta & Debapriya Ghosh of Forest Essentials had flown from Gurgaon to meet us! 

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  1. great review...i really like to taste these amazing products

  2. i am a huge fan of forest essential products, their new festive hampers are so cool
    Keep in touch

  3. I used to love their face wash with saffron and neem but they sell only huge bottles. which store is this btw?

    1. This one is from Phoenix Market City, Velachery, Chennai.

  4. I love Forest essentials and their store is equally good! I just bought their Nargis body mist which I have loved off lately. I will try their mositurizers next. And I loved your top!

    1. Thanks Priya! Isn't that top perfect? It was gifted to me by V. He's got such a good taste!! I'm yet to do an OOTD with it...

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments gals. Glad you liked the review! :)


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