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Its always endearing to see youngsters learning a craft properly with all its techniques and history, putting in dedication and with a sense of fashion & trend, and bring it out to the world. As many of my readers know, I am a fashion & textile designer primarily having my own brand Bhushavali Eco Fashion. So I know the amount of craziness and sheer hard work that goes into creating products, marketing and selling them! Just like me, another person I recently met was Kassandra Lauren Gordon. 
She studied jewelry making at Hatton Gardens in London, before she started up her own line of jewelry, with her own name as the brand name. Yes, her logo did intrigue me. It represents a Jamaican fruit, representing her Jamaican lineage! She crafts the jewelry by her own hands. I got to view her recent collection - Fly me to Jupiter!
The jewelry in this collection is inspired the ridges and hedges in the surface of the planet, and its 67 moons. The pieces are made of gold, silver, rose & yellow gold plating, rhodium finish etc. Here are some of her pieces that are my favourites! These pendants are named IO after one of Jupiter's moons. Isn't the texture looking simply stunning?! The bangles are called Copernicus. Seen here in all 3 finishes that she does.
My favourite out of her earrings - Bimbika & Selena's dance. The words mean moon in Sanskrit & Greek. My regular readers would know my love for quirky, statement jewelry. This was definitely one!
Minimalism at its best - These earrings are called Luna, which means moon in Roman and the ring is called Copernica, named after an astronomer!

Here are her sterling silver jewelry. The best thing about here jewelry were her minimalism & an innate rawness!
Some of her jewelry are made using eco-gold that are sourced by ethical means where the miners are given fair wages and have good working condition. Some of here jewelry are also made out of recycled gold.
The best part was I got to meet some awesome bloggers here incl. Ana, Vanessa, Taylor and a few more. Here with all the bloggers & the very talented Kassandra herself! Check out Kassandra's entire collection at her website!

Photo Credits: Pic 2 by Vanessa & Pic 8 by Kassandra. Rest by yours truly!
Btw, where did this event happen???? Coming back on that soon...

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  1. Glad to see the first of the "London" posts :)

  2. Hey it seems that great minds think alike we both published our posts on the same day. An insightful look into jewellery culture and how handmade jewellery differs from the mass produced ethos of mainstream jewellery. Thank you for the comment x

  3. Love your post and it was nice to meet you there! x



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