Travel Style - Leggings & Knee High Boots

The chill has set in officially. If you've been following my Travel Blog's FB Page, you'd know that. The Arctic blast sent in a wave of icy chill, here the previous weekend. The temperature dropped to -3 deg C and London got it's first snow of this season!!! I put up a video live, on my Travel Blog's FB page. Check it out and don't forget to 'like' the page.
With the dropping temperatures, like the last OOTD, I can no more wear my sandals with tights. I have to wear sneakers or boots, else I'd end up freezing my toes! Looking at online shopping sites for boots, I came across Online Avenue which has a range of boots incl. ankle boots, long boots, snow boots etc. 
Best part of this site is, every boot style has 4-5 color AND texture options, incl patent, suede, PU etc. Anyday my choice among these would be PU or Poly Urethane or in simple words 'faux leather' or 'synthetic leather'.
Since I already have a brown one, I opted for a black PU knee high boots this time. It has approx a 3" high chunky heel. My fav part, the hint of gold in it! It has a full length side zipper, making it super convenient (yes, I'm more partial towards full zipper boots than partial zipper opening).
Blue Tee: Inkfruit
Fur collared sweater: Thrifted from a Flea Marker in Bangalore
Knee High Black boots: c/o
Beaded strands: Handmade by artisans of Uttar Pradesh
Earrings: Naiduhall
On the other hand, there's a growing trend of coming clean on Social Networks, esp after Essena O'Neill deleted many of her Instagram pics and buzzfeed called people to post a pic with hashtag #ifsocialmediawerehonest. In this pic, I'm wearing a Kajal & Tinted lipbalm. But on my skin I'm wearing my moisturizer and nothing at all on top of it, absolutely no makeup on my skin. 
Coming back to the boots, they look gorgeous with the matte finish and fits snugly and is super comfortable. I could stand in it for hours together, coz its not too high-heeled and the heels are chunky. But guess what? I actually walked wearing it for errrrrr.... 9.5km! Oh yeah, you read that right. The best part - for more than 4km of walking, my legs or toes did not pain. Half way through, my toes did start paining. But come on, these shoes aren't meant for that. I didn't expect to walk that long, the day I wore it - mistake!!!!! But still, another best part - my feet felt absolutely perfect when I removed the sheos once I reached home - no blisters or crushed toes... That's definitely something......

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  1. Cute outfit...faux leather boot are my favourites too .. They give tat sophisticated look... ;)

  2. Love the boots...but i like the sweater more.
    U look chic.


  3. Ciao!

    Thanks a lot for your visit!

    Nice look!!!!

    Ciao from Italia


  4. You look stunning. I love the boots.

  5. I love your attire.. Will try to copy you ;)

  6. molto particolari questi pantaloni

  7. I prefer chunky heels, they're more comfy for me... but I don't think I can walk 9km in those boots! :-) I'm usually hesitant about buying shoes/clothing online, I might get the wrong size or the fit is not right... so it's good that your boots didn't fail you and came out super comfortable for you.

  8. I love boots, but since the weather where I'm from isn't really boot-friendly, I can't wear them all the time! Those are really nice though, my boots are just ankle high.

  9. Knee high boots always look classy especially when they're black. I think they are perfect for leggings and tight pants.

  10. Blue and pink makes a really good combo for an outfit. You look great here especially with the knee high boots.

  11. Not every girl could pull this outfit off. The neon colorful leggings are not really easy to wear. Add those boots and it becomes an eye-catcher.

  12. The boots truly are quite beautiful and perfect for the season! You wear this outfit with so much confidence! :D

  13. Girl I love those boots! Actually in a process of finding an amazing pair of black knee highs as well!

  14. Nice #OOTD, the boots are beautiful with the colourful leggings! You brought out the outfit well ;)

  15. I have knee high boots in tan colour which match my tan leather jacket.

    I am yet to wear my boots. Hope to wear them soon.

  16. That is inspiring. Alright I am going to try that as well, the legging and knee high boots.


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