Hair Accessories for Pixie Cut

"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life" - Coco Chanel

Yeah, I have a pixie hair cut. Yes, the day I cut my hair (as an adult) I did change my life. All of a sudden I became assumed as a rebel! But the fact is, I find short hair extremely comfortable. Of the 1001 problems in life, I don't want hair maintenance to be one. As a fashionista, I find pixie cut super cool and yeah, my only worry is what clothes, shoes and bags to wear. My hairstyle isn't a concern at all, that's a lot of time saved (you know how much time & effort an elegant updo takes)!!!
As you saw in the last post, I got the super gorgeous tiara from Irresistible me. Here are the other super gorgeous hair accessories. The tiara, ofcourse I won't be able to wear often. I chose 3 in white stones & pearls (2 asymmetrical and 1 symmetrical) so that would go well with many outfits, being neutral. 
The entire bands are a bit spring-y and their edges have a plastic cap like thing to prevent the metal from hurting the skin. For a couple hours it doesn't hurt at all. I wore one of these on Diwali Celebrations (yeah, my first Diwali in London with my new Indian (!) friends) and it did not pain for almost 3-4 hours. By the time I was returning home it started paining a bit. I think the symmetrical one could be interchangeably worn as a tiara or a hairband. This is plain metal and doesn't have the plastic cap. 

I got 1 bobby pin in gold and white pearls, again a color neutral one that can be worn with many outfits. This is perfect, just perfect - a tiny little pop of accessory to a pixie cut. The site has some 4-5 bobby pins like these in different shapes.
And finally I got 1 colored in a beautiful deep red. Though its a color, I'm a very 'red' oriented person with quite a few red lippies and outfits in various tints and tones of red. And I really like this bow detail with the satin ribbon. Its super soft on head and it looks kinda semi-formal, not essentially festive or dressy! This doesn't have any 'teeth' inside and that's actually a feature I love. 
Btw, here in London, all my photographs have a blue overtone on them, unlike Chennai where all my photographs had a yellow overtones, thanks to the weather here!!!

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  1. all these are so nice dear,you look amazing in these pics..i love your smile

  2. the headbands are so pretty
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  3. These hair accessories are beautiful .

  4. Love all the hairbands...n London seems to suit u a lot. u look gorgeous.


  5. Short hair really suits you and I love the tiara style headbands so cute x

    Miss Kitty Kaos - Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl


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