AEOS Skincare in Blue - A Review

Recently I came to know of this brand called AEOS. That stands for Active Energized Organic Skincare. As you know I'm all in for anything that's organic or herbal, infact my own brand of clothing is eco-friendly, Bhushavali Eco Fashion.
The best intro for the brand would be that its won so many awards in the various skincare categories since 2012. That's a solid foundation to begin with. Well, whenever something is proclaimed as organic or herbal, the most important factor has to be its ingredients which they categorize in 3 kingdoms - Mineral, Vegetable and the very unique Hue-Man (human perception of hues). A mix of various ingredients from all 3 categories is present in each and every product.
Most of the ingredients are produced in-house at the Aura-Soma, their Demeter ceritfied, biodynamic farm in the Lincolnshire Wolds. Rest of the ingredients are sourced from several other organic farms across the world. By bio-dynamic they mean not eating up the soil of all its nourishment, but making sure the soil is taken care of given time to replenish itself as well! The best part, the products aren't tested on animals. The packaging was made of handmade paper and foam! 
The concept is to treat the face in 3 phases - Renew, Rebalance and Replenish. I tried out the AEOS Optimal Essentials Kit in BlueFirst in the Renew is the Cleansing Oil de-Maq. It comes with a pump dispenser. Pumping it just once is enough to get a little bit, that's enough for the whole face and neck. The usage of oil as a cleanser is something I've read about earlier too and I've tried it with some other oils and it works wonders. Its an oil, so massaging it into the face itself feels great. Best part is, even my mascara and eyeliner came off. After massaging I used a tissue to remove the oil and grim. Its a blend of oils from seseme, grape seed, jojoba, and many more. The smell was pleasing and after a hectic day this would be really soothing...
After this I used the Facewash. This too came in a pump dispenser. This requires 3-4 pumps to cover the face and neck. I added water and lathered it. The lathered well, but it was a fine lather, meaning the bubbles were superfine, if you could get what am I talking about! The best part was the aroma. My favourite lemon tree aroma!!! These 2 would be for the Renew in morning and the below 2 for evening.
The Cleansing Lotion and Exfoliant came in a squeeze tube. A tiny little amount of both of these were enough for the whole face. Both of these incl. Glycerine, Jojoba oil, Agran Oil, Lavender Oil etc. The Exfoliant has tiny particles, not bigger like a scrub, but not super fine though. I dunno which ingredient exactly, but I didn't love the aroma. It wasn't bad or repulsive. But I didn't love this as much as I loved the facewash!!!
After patting my face dry, the Rebalance ritual began with the conditioner in a squeeze tube. Its like a toner. The smell here was divine. Whenever I think of toner, I think of the good old Gulabari or Rose Water, and guess what that's the main ingredient here! It does what exactly it claims to do. It restores the skin's balance, without being too dry or too oily. It made my skin feel good. Pores closed up and the skin tightened without feeling stretchy. Perfect!
Next came in the mist. This was in a spray bottle. I held the bottle at about 15cm and sprayed it directly on the face, but still it formed spots, than an overall mist. Should spray it from about a foot away to get the exact misty application. The slightly tightened effect that the conditioner gives is taken care of by the mist. It hydrated the skin and skin felt really good. This again is the awesome Rose Water aroma.
Next is the Replenish step with the Serum. I have a love towards serums. Serums are always power packed in the tiniest quantity. Experience with both Olay and L'Oreal. This came in a pump dispenser and in this case 1 pump isn't enough. 2-3 pumps are needed to fill the whole face and neck. It has a transparent colorless (very pale blue) gel like consistency. After applying this my face felt ready for a makeup over it. The skin was like it was ready. It felt perfectly nourished. Aroma here was also the Gulkand... Gulabari... Rose... It claims to minimise signs of ageing. It does give a radiance on the skin.
Finally, the moisturizing lotion. After using all these which were lotion or gel or watery consistency, the moisturizer was of a thicker consistency. A very little, tiny tiny bit is enough to fill the face and neck, thanks its thick consistency. Soon after application, it feels a bit oily and its perfect to massage the face with. However in about a minute it all gets totally absorbed and you're left with a fresh, nourished and supple face. This is again my favourite Lemongrass aroma. The skin didn't feel oily or dry, it was a perfect base to wear makeup on!
All the pumps & sprays were 30ml and all the squeeze tubes were 10ml. This entire set doesn't come cheap at £68. However I'd say going through this entire ritual felt like a spa. With the quantity, you can have quite a few spa sessions at the comfort of home, so I think its worth it!!!

P.S: The product was gifted by the company for reviewing purpose, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the product. 

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  1. AEOS Skincare is a brand I have not come across before but it does sound like an enriching experience. Thank you for sharing x

  2. Anything which can make you feel like you've had a spa treatment at home is great! x

  3. I've never heard of AEOS Skincare but it really sounds like a quality range

  4. I am all for organic and herbal treatments. I haven't heard of this before, but I will look out for it now.

  5. I've never heard of AEOS Skincare before, but I love products that are organic and eco-friendly. Looks a little out of my price range, but I'll look out for it if I ever fancy treating myself hehe :)


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