Wedding Anniversary Gifts!

I've already declared my love for S** and the City (SATC) and Carrie Bradshaw in this blog earlier too. The famous Carrie name necklace is indeed a piece I love. However I'm kinda on the fence about wearing your name on your neck. I mean, it is a piece of jewelry, not an ID card, right??? Anyways, I do have a Carrie styled name ring though, which I love...
Ring: Onecklace
Necklace: Onecklace
Last month was my wedding anniversary and I told that to you in my last post. Guess what I received as a gift from the lovely people at Onecklace?!!! This!!! A gorgeous name ring with my beloved's name for me and a simple & elegant chain with my name for him!!!
The name ring is styled in the same way as before, the same font as in the movie and as my prev. ring. This time it was gold plated and ofcourse, cut out with his name.
The necklace was just perfect. Circular in shape, the name was cut out on the lower side. The best part is the extra attachment of a birthstone avbl in all 12 colors. Since my birthday is on April, instead of a diamond here a colorless crystal was attached!
And best part is you guys can now enjoy a fabulous 10% off on your purchase using this coupon code - GIFT10!

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  1. really like the ring :)
    Keep in touch

  2. Those are lovely keepsakes. I would love to buy those for my twins someday, when they're older and know how to take care of jewelry, lol.

  3. Aw! Happy belated wedding anniversary!

    That ring is adorable!

  4. I LOVE the ring. Such a great idea to get your loves name as well instead of your own. Totally adorable

  5. Name rings and necklace can make a really great personalized gifts. This can carry more thought in it.

  6. That's a cool anniversary gift, very personal and meaningful! I love the ring more than the necklace. Classy and really pretty :)

  7. Wow I love the name ring. I would love me and my hubby to get something like that. Hopefully I could be able to find a shop similar to that here in our country.

  8. wow these look great. it would be so classice to give these as gift to your love one. they just look so elegant and beautiful

  9. That name ring pendant for males looks very nice. Names on the ring though may not be too practical.

  10. These wedding anniversary gifts are so special and lovely. Hope that they have it in my country too.

  11. The ring is gorgeous. And happy anniversary.

  12. Love the ring and the pendant.
    I would love to get one for myself.


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