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One thing that has always scared me in international travel is currency conversions. Its so disheartening for Asians! For just 1 Euro or GBP, equivalent Asian currency is pretty high with which a lot can be bought!!! The opposite is painful - for Asians to tour in Europe or America its way too costly! 
Simple thing - in India, in some good beauty parlors (like Green Trends or Naturals), the cost of eyebrow and upper lip threading comes to about Rs.50. Waxing full arms & legs costs about Rs.700. That's about GBP 7, Euro 9, USD 10. Here in London, a good quality parlor charges about GBP 10 for just eyebrow threading!!!!!!!! So yeah, moving to London, for the first time in life, I've started to shape my own eyebrows.............
Somehow, thanks to youtubers, I watched a few before actually holding the tweezers against my eyebrows and I think I do a decent job. Anyways, my eyebrows are a bit along the midpoint in density. Half of the brow is dense (thanks to dad), and second half is light (thanks to mom). Esp., after wearing concealer & foundation, the second half of eyebrow pretty much becomes toooo light which calls for a decent eyebrow makeup as well. The Billion Dollar Brows is a very special brand of cosmetics that specializes in products just for eyebrows. I got to review 2 of their kits, and here's the review.
The 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows Kit is definitely an essential for me. The kit is basic - dual ended brow brush and eyebrow powder. The color of the powder is Taupe which suits almost all skintones and hair colors. It has a chic packaging like MAC eyeshadow. The powder is very very fine making the application easy and flawless. There is no fall-off. The dual ended brush has one typical brush end to apply the powder and another mascara wand end to comb the brows. As the name suggests, this is perfect for OTG, everyday makeup. 

The Best Sellers Kit, on the other hand is a more extensive range of products that is necessary for that flawless look. The kit consists of 4 products - Universal Brow Pencil, Brow Duo Pencil, Brow Gel & Smudge Brush. 
The Universal Brow Pencil is very similar to the brow powder, but in a pencil form. It is dual ended with an automatic twister pencil which is personally my favourite in packaging any cosmetics, on one end and a mascara wand on another end to comb the brows. Its also the taupe color. The best factor here is that you can draw hair-like strokes to fill the eyebrows unlike the powder. The above images are untreated combed eyebrows and with strokes using brow pencil. 
The Brow Duo Pencil has 2 very creamy formulas of a concealer & highlighter in a pencil form. After making the eyebrows bold, the next task is to make it stand out and that's where this comes into the scene. Applying the Highlighter on the brow bone and blending it with the smudge brush would define the shape of the eyebrows perfectly. However my only disadvantage was, no matter how much I smudged, the color of the highlighter was way too light for my skintone and did leave a white cast. However it does serve as a good primer for my eyeshadows. Above are further enhanced brows with brow powder and un-blended highlighter.
Here's after blending the highlighter and the final look after applying the gel. The final product was the Brow Gel, which is almost like a transparent mascara with the mascara wand! It is to fix everything in place and it does its job pretty well and the brow stays put for an entire day!
And that's the first & last look of my eyebrows and Billion Dollar Brows definitely does a good job! On my skin are Revlon Photo Ready Concealer, Revlon Photo Ready Foundation and Mineral Hygienics Foundation. 
Btw, now that you know this product is awesome, here is a chance to get in for free if you win this giveaway!

P.S: The product was gifted by the company and the review is sponsored, however the opinions are of my own experience and are this post does not to advertise the product. 

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  1. My eyebrows are one part of my beauty regime which I neglect, but 2016 is the year to change that! x

  2. Your brows look great. Thank God for YouTube right? Nice.

  3. I've never used any brow kit in my life. I used to dread how thick my brows are and people would always make fun of me. Now everyone wants thick brows! Ugh, these trends, right? Thanks for the review though, your brows look awesome.

  4. The brow kit really helped define your eyebrows better. It did a great job in giving you a better looking eyebrow.

  5. Looks like a great product. Now if only I can master the art of making my brows look like that!

  6. I guess the eyebrows are one of those areas in makeup that girls find most challenging. Good that they are developing new products to make the job easier to do with fantastic results.

  7. I never really do my eyebrows because I'm lucky enough to have thick ones, and even luckier that it's now all the rage. But sometimes, it does tend to be very unkept. Too bad I've been lazy with doing my makeup lately!

  8. You're lucky you have nice brows, some people I know have sparse brows, so they really have to draw. Hihi. Anyhoo, the bestseller kit is really a complete set for the flawless brow. I love that it comes with a highlighter!

  9. Having groomed brows is definitely important when maintaining a decent self image. This brow kit looks also great when it comes to travel because it's handy too.

  10. Your eyebrows are nicely arched, something that I didn't managed to achieve even after trimming and threading my brows....

  11. Would share this to my wife, she'll love this, but i hope it will not add up to my waiting time when we are going out

  12. Looks like its a good set for Brows styling and easy to use also. All the best to the participants.


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