Fashioning a Reign - Queen at 90!

If you had seen my last post, you'd know what this post is about. Here comes the important outfits that Queen Elizabeth II wore since her birth till date! 
This is the outfit she wore, on her christening in 1920s, err... well, a replica of it! This is what every member of the royal family (62 to be exact) wore since Princess Victoria in 1841, incl Prince Charles, William & Harry. However now it has become too fragile and since Prince George, an exact was made and this is that replica!
This 'New Look' evening dress was made by her favourite designer Norman Hartnell in 1948. Think of it, in the 1940s, to wear an all black outfit, in a combo of velvet & satin, that's fash forward!!! It isn't easy to pull-off this outfit even today!!! The concept was by Christian Dior when he came up with outfits with narrow waist & full hips.

Ever since her youth, she wasn't really afraid to sport colors! In the top pic, the 1st one was by John Anderson & Karl Ludwig in 1994 that she wore to open the English Channel Tunnel; the 2nd was by John Anderson in the year 2000 that she wore when Queen Mother celebrated her 100th birthday; the 3rd one is by Hardy Amies in 1986 that she wore when she visited China. The 2nd pic is so many more of her colored outfits!!!

Till Queen Elizabeth, no woman wore a royal robe, so a new one had to be made for her that accommodated her dress. So a contest was announced and a then student of Royal College of Art, Marion Foale won it with this design of a zipped overdress with attached mantle. Being in the Military she also got a riding suit & military tunic designed for her!
Her hat collection was so fabulous that she there was a special section for it. She never made a public appearance without her hat on! Here are my favourites of her collection. A mix of techniques and materials incl tafetta, satin, lace, net, felt, organza, duck feather, ostrich feather and lot more!!! These were made by various designers incl, Simone Mirman, Frederick Fox, Valerie Lee etc.
Some more of her evening gowns and outfits she wore when she went of state visits to various countries.
This was one of my favourites that she wore when she addressed the House of Representatives in Nigeria in 1956. The beaded chains of tubular sequins were all over the outfit - elaborate at neckline and tiny along the whole skirt part of the gown. This was also made by Norman Hartnell and was inspired by the tribal necklaces of Africa!
Many a times during her state visits to various countries, she tried to incorporate a significance of the country onto the outfit like the African tribal necklace in the above outfit. The Green Gown was worn when she visited Ethiopia for the banquet given by the Emperor Haile Selassie, Addis Ababa in 1965. The green represents the color of Ethiopian flag. The Blue White Gown was when she went to Canada for Centennial celebrations in 1967. The maple leaf embroidery at the waist represents the country. Ofcourse, both by Norman Hartnell.

Some more detailing from various other outfits! Being a patriotic English lady, mostly her outfits were handcrafted by the designers & artisans of England!!! Now, aren't you as mesmerized by the awesomeness of the outfits as much as I am???!!! 
Along with being mesmerized, here I am also excited as once again I've been featured in Independant Fashion Bloggers weekly pick!!!

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  1. Wow...these are all such gorgeous pieces. I love the embellishments and details on these dresses and outfits. Thanks for sharing :)

    xo Azu

  2. Wonderful and perfect outfits it is. It looks pretty. Thanks for sharing

  3. These evening dresses are elegant and timelines. It really defines class and royalty.

  4. I love how incredibly elegant everything is! Truly fit for a queen :)

  5. The yellow dress caught my attention. It's the one that looks the most cheerful and eye-catching.

  6. Wow! Love your article continuing from your previous special invite Buckingham Palace article. The beaded chains of tubular sequins gown rock pretty well for and happy to read it graced my beloved nation - Nigeria!

  7. I can't believe she's 90! She's such a fashionable woman and I admire her taste in colors. I can't remember seeing her without a crown or a hat on! If I could travel just to see this collection, I would!

  8. She's a lovely woman and one with very good taste as well. This collection is stunning and it would be nice to see this in person! I love that there's a special section for her hats.

  9. I adore her style in clothing. Almost all of her clothes are elegant and stunning. The hats are beautiful.

  10. Pure elegance!! Queen Elizabeth is such a respected queen. Even in this age, she looks absolutely beautiful.

  11. Oh I love the cut of her gown for the Nigerian event. What a well-dressed queen!

  12. wonderful! It reminds me of the Royal wardrobe museum in Thailand featuring Queen Sirikit's clothes. Unfortunately photography was not allowed there

  13. her evening gowns are so beautiful!!!! i especially love the champagne colored one.

  14. What a fabulous look back at her wardrobe :)

  15. It's so lucky to be a queen. All the outfits she wore are so fabulous! She was really slim and sexy back then right? But that Christening gown, wow. I never knew about that at all. Just now! Those gowns are really elegant.


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