Semi Formal Look - Red Tee & Blue Denim Jacket

Everyone has that day once in a while. That day when you just don't want to get out of bed. That day when you literally have to push yourself out of home to get things done. That is the day when you just don't bother to dress up. It was one such day....
My tickets to visit the Wembley Stadium Tour was already booked so I literally had to push myself out. I just couldn't care less about what I was wearing!!! Just pulled out a random tee (same as I'm wearing here) and black jean. The weather was sunny but it could get a bit chilly later in the evening so I needed a light jacket, so I pulled out the thinner denim jacket instead of those fierce winter-wears. I could wear my Puma shoes, which was the same black red combo. However the blue denim jacket looked too separate, so I chose the floral printed blue sneakers instead and off we went!
Tee: Asda George (from the kids section!)
Jeggings: Romwe
Denim Jacket: Oxolloxo
Floral Printed Sneakers: New Chic
Somehow after reaching there I felt much better (getting out and getting some air makes everything alright, right?!!!) and was messing with the camera with some photos of us in the arena. Still, I was sure I wasn't gonna come up with an OOTD post coz my outfit looked super silly!!! Somehow my guy convinced me to take some proper OOTD shots saying 'if it isn't good enough don't post it, but just let's take the pics'. 

Now that we took the shots, here they are. It's just not like how I usually wear! Its just too usual and too simple! Anyways.....
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  1. Sometimes "Simplicity is Beauty". You still rocked it with the look you chose! It looks like you also had a lot of fun. =)

  2. A statement shirt is always my go-to for those days when I don't want to dress up. I like how you've the denim jacket to uplift the outfit. Hope you had fun! :)

  3. It's a simple outfit but could really stand out with the red color. You do look great here.

  4. I don't see anything wrong with a simple outfit. T-shirt and jeans are timeless. You certainly carry it off very well and still look very comfortable and cool.

  5. Love this super simple casual outfit! Keep it up! :D

  6. Red n Blue always work. Awesome that you could fit into kid-size tee.

  7. That's a good outfit for watching the game, especially since it's going to be crowded in the stadium anyway. It's so much better to wear an outfit that you're going to be comfortable in. Good call from your guy to take pics.

  8. Anything paired with blue denim would look nice. Denim on denim is another fashion trend that I love. :)


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