Men's Formal Look - Full Sleeved Shirt

Its very very rare when my guy accepts to appear on my blog!!!! Unless its something that he really really appreciates, he's pretty sure that he doesn't want his face all over my blog. He prefers much to be behind the camera. This is one such rare instance.
Hawes & Curtis is a brand of menswear which has a heritage, a lineage to it. It was founded in 1913 by Ralph Hawes & George Frederik Curtis at Piccadilly in London. Its clientele has some prestigious names including the Duke of Windsor (since 1922 and gave them the Royal Warrant too), Lord Mountbatten, Cary Grant etc. Their backless waistcoat is iconic. The British Royal Family has supported them for a very long time till 1985 & 4 royal warrants. By 2002 they had 25 shops in UK & by 2006 they went global.

Shirt: c/o Hawes & Curtis
Trousers: V dot by Van Heusan
Belt: Van Heusan
Bag: Bombata
Now, 10 years after they went global, its only logical that I take their shirt global!!! Here, presenting my guy wearing Hawes & Curtis Shirt and roaming all over Berlin, Germany!!!

The shirt is a gorgeous purple color made of luxury 2 ply 100s cotton with a twill weave. This particular cut is the St James slim fit. The feel was really great on skin. The hemline was curved and the shirt has a single cuff. The stitching was perfect and the buttons were of sturdy. Take care of the sizing and check the size chart before placing the order. The sizes are (very) slightly larger than other brands.

My guy went to the Regent Street store to check out if there are more options to choose from, at the store than the online shop and he said no. However it did give an idea of the excellent quality of the fabrics that he'll get when he places the order!!! Have you purchased at Hawes & Curtis??? If not, its just a click away. Check it out.
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  1. You guys get to travel around so much, I wish we can do so more often too. For someone who does not like to appear in photos, he does pose confidently, or you are a great director. :-)

  2. I'm not that good in fashion since I don't have good sense when it comes to it. After reading your post, this made me think that I should also start collecting long sleeve that looks fancy, but not that expensive as well so I could look good just like others. Amazing post! Have a great day!


  3. i haven't heard of this brand before, but all those close up shots really shows the good quality of the shirt. well, at least that's how i felt while looking at the fabric. :)

  4. Fashion makes you look gorgeous though I am not that fashionable body. This is just a great post

  5. Long sleeves and slacks look really epic. It's timeless and would always look elegant.

  6. Nice to see your man on your blog! He looks a little uncomfortable but we all hope he will get used to it and be up here more often! Be sure to show him this message!

  7. It's my first time hearing about this brand and I like it already! Quality of fabric is top most importance when buying clothes for my husband. Guys don't really take care of their clothes naturally, so they need something that is of good quality and stylish at the same time. This color looks great on him!

  8. Long sleeves always looked great on guys especially since it makes them look respectable and proper. I like the material, it looks durable, perfect for a busy day.

  9. I haven't heard of this brand but it looks like the quality and tailoring is good. I love a good pinstripe shirt. Also congrats on getting a special guest on your blog.

  10. long sleeves are always great when paired with smart trousers. the fabric looks like it's good quality too

  11. It is a nice look. I like that shade of purple too.


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