No Place like Home

If you're following me on Instagram & Twitter,  you'll know that I'm back in India just about 10 days back! One of the updates that I did was about my mixed feelings - the sadness of leaving a country where I did crazy things and the gladness of coming back home. There's nothing like travelling and there's nothing like doing crazy things and more importantly there's nothing like living alone and learning responsibility. That said, Home is always where the heart is! Recently when I saw the video of Asian Paints, I saw myself in it! While there are way too many things, here I'm listing out 10 that reminded me of India & Chennai & Home, when I was travelling. 
After leaving India for 6 months I didn't see a beach! In Chennai, beach happens twice a month. I missed it terribly and my happiness knew no bounds when I soaked my feet into the cold water of Dorset, England and kept remembering Mumbai's secret beaches & Pondy's secluded beaches!!!
I have an unique feeling when I go to places associated with human civilization. I get an emotional attachment coz our forefathers once walked about in that very soil. When I walked in Caerleon in South Wales, a Roman Civilization site, I was reminded of Dholavira, the Indus Valley Civilization site back home!!!
The Antoni Gaudi craziness in Barcelona, Spain most definitely reminded me of Nek Chand's Chandigarh. Antoni Gaudi's idea of using broken tiles to broken glasses to create masterpieces of art was definitely seen with Nek Chand & Laurie Baker as well. Did they intern with Gaudi?
What made the Edinburgh, Scotland visit a hit was definitely hiking up to the Arthur's Seat & Calton Hill. Till then I hadn't climbed hill after leaving India. It was one exhilarating experience. The view from Arthur's Seat reminded me of the view from atop Tada and climbing the flat terrain of Calton Hill most definitely reminded me of Savanadurga!
No where, not a single country that I've visited so far in my life can beat the sculptural marvel of the Cholas & Pallavas. I couldn't help but mentally compare one of the oldest churches in England, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Canterbury to our own Pallava rock monoliths at Mahabalipuram, again a UNESCO site!
They say India is crowded. I know India is crowded and I didn't think any place would be as crowded as India, given our humongous population. But was I wrong! I felt the same crowd of India at Italy, thanks to soooooo many tourists! Well, the road side hawkers too reminded me of Mumbai & Chennai!!! Unlike other pics in this, both the above pics are from Italy!
The tiny channels of main rivers are always picturesque. Couldn't help but be reminded of Mayanur, Tamil Nadu at Basel, Switzerland!
One thing that often reminds of home when travelling has to be food. Eating those yummy world food incl Gouda cheese burger in Italy and Waffle in Belgium or healthy superfoods incl chiaseeds & multi grain breads, I always terribly missed the good old Idly!!! Ask any south Indian - nothing can beat mom's Idli & Chutney!
Berlin has a very rough history with the infamous Berlin Wall literally tearing the city into 2. Today bits and pieces of the wall is still left and that's beautified by gorgeous murals painted by various artists. Modern wall art always takes me back to my own work at home. Remember my post on how I painted my home, myself??? 
Here's the Asian Paints video that I told you about. What reminds you of your hometown or home when you're away from home??? Let me know!

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  1. You surely showed that wherever we go there's something to remind us of home. I loved the pictures so much! Thank you for sharing!

  2. What an innovative way to post about discoveries in travel -- to compare them with something back home. The ancient culture of India you have shared here is also very interesting.

  3. You just seem all over the world that I miss out times the you are in our own hometown. It's really nice to explore the world and learn about different cultures.

  4. Home, the final destination and seetlement after any journey. It is good to return home after some travails outside there.

  5. It's really so lovely to see the photos where you pose with the scenery! I can feel how much fun you had in your homeland! :D

  6. Lovely photos and beautiful landscape, my eyes are on Idli now. Yummy food!

  7. I can truly relate to this post. It's been a while since the last time o went home. Anyway, you had an amazing travel experiences within 6 months of being away from home and I guessed you learned a lot as well from your travels. I wish I could do the same.

  8. Beautiful post! I too keep finding some similarity between India and Singapore always. Roots are roots after all. No matter where we go, nothing comforts like home!

  9. You inspire me to travel more! Now this! I have to prep for my fast Schengen VISA Approval. Thanks for the guide (virtually). :)

  10. Home is where your heart is. This is the same for me when I return to Singapore. People might complain about Singapore but to me, it's the best because it's home.

  11. Yeah, there is really no place like home. I lived in the city but I still misses our old home with my parents.


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