Semi Formal Look - Alexa Chung Victorian Blouse

There was an incredible offer in M&S (Marks and Spencer) and with 70% off, I found this Victorian Blouse designed by Alexa Chung at just £6 and I didn't have time to think! I just bought it and soon after buying it came the huge task - how to wear it!!! I mean, a Victorian Blouse is a thing of past, obviously from the Victorian Era and its so very covered right from the neck to the cuffs!!! I stood in front of my wardrobe and tried to decide how to wear it.

First I wore it with a formal trousers and it looked too formal! Then I wore it with fitted skirt and waist coat and I looked like a waitress!! Staring more and more into my wardrobe, I pulled out this red jeggings I got at Primark. I've been wanting to get a bright red trousers or jeans or jeggings and recently I ventured to Primark and stocked up on all basics with some 4-5 jeggings & trousers incl this red jeggings. 

I accessorized the whole thing with all whites & reds - my white crystals & pearls studded hairband, white & red pearl earrings, red lips, red white & black combo shoes.
Top: Alexa Chung for M&S
Jeggings: Primark
Shoes: Puma
Headband: Irresistible Me
Earrings: Bhushavali
Red Lipstick: M.A.C Rubywoo

Btw, the location is the Land's End!!! Well, not exactly since the world is a sphere. However ages ago before Columbus landed in America, people did think that this point is the land's end since the Atlantic Ocean was the only thing visible in the west as long as eyesight or telescope of that era, could reach. Here today is this beautiful plaque that says this is the Land's End, however New York is at 3147 miles from this point!!!
So what do you think of this combo? Have you worn a Victorian blouse? If yes, how did you style it? Let me know. 
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  1. you look like a model! This Alexa Chung white blouse is adorable. I don't think I ever wore a Victorian inspired blouse but I have some white ruffled blouses in my closet. Anyhow, I love how you paired this blouse with red pants. You created a perfect contrast.

  2. You look adorable and the view is great.
    Personally, I would have worn it with a pair of fitted denims and high heels or loafer flats maybe. Your style is unique and quite different from mine but we both can agree that the blouse is really pretty. It had to be for it is Victorian and White.


  3. I absolutely love Alexa designs and this blouse is no different. It looks really good on you!

    Don't forget to check out my latest post as well - all about wedding dresses this time!

  4. I really like how you impart your thoughts with your genuine sense of art. I really salute people who have a good sense in fashion because I'm not proficient at it. You seem even prettier wearing that one by the way.

  5. The vermillion pants look very good on you. However, I am not too fond of seeing big ruffles on ladies' blouses.

  6. your outfit is nice, and i like your sense of style. easy, simple, chic and you are just a fashionista to me...

  7. Wow, the blouse really look hard to match! I don't think I will be able to carry off the way you did! Love how you looked!

  8. Before I comment on your blouse, let me tell you - I love the orange pants! So vibrant. I have never worn a Victorian blouse before but it looks like something I would love to own. I have long hair so I can imagine pulling them up in a bun and adding a broach to complete my look. I wonder how it will look with a skirt!

  9. It's semi-formal, simple and it does stand out especially with the hot red pants. The views are also amazing here.

  10. That blouse is a great steal! I think it can pair with any skirt or pants because it's white and the detail looks like a classic.

  11. The fashion or outfit makes more a personality than the colour. You look awesome in this outfit. Thanks for sharing

  12. that blouse definitely has that victorian feel. i wouldnt know how to style it! it looks good on you

  13. I admire you for your confidence, I can never pull off wearing an outfit like this! I like the color combination of the white and red, the look is awesome!

  14. This looks very classy. Can't believe it came so cheap. I would have tried to wear it on a flowy rajasthani skirt too..


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