Eriis for Sun Solar Protection Milk - A Review

I got this Eriis Sunscreen a few months back when I was in London and I've been using it for a few weeks now. Now, that I'm in Chennai, its the real test for any sunscreen in this super hot weather at 34° C!!!
It comes in 5 variants - SPF 6, SPF 15, SPF 30, SPF 50 and an After Sun lotion. For me, SPF 6 & 15 are pretty useless. May be if you're in Scotland or Norway, this might work out for you. For London SPF 15 might work. I tried the SPF 30 & 50.
To begin with, its comes in a no nonsense packaging with a plastic bottle and nozzle & pump atop. The consistency of the lotion isn't too liquid-y and not too creamy, its a pretty thick lotion. However it blends well and easily onto the skin. Its white and has no fragrance. For one pump a tiny amount gets dispensed (refer below pic) and about 2 pumps are needed for full face & neck. I've carried it around in my bag and it hasn't spilt at all. I personally hate it wierd green colored pack, but that's just me and has nothing to do with the quality.
One of the primary ingredient in this is Iridixina S which I don't know anything about. Another primary ingredient is Carrot Fresh Cells. I was immediately reminded of Carrot Sunscreen by Biotique. Carrot has a certain level of sun protection factor and with it as one of the ingredient it works out. My skin is super sensitive and I didn't have any breakout after using this. It also claims to be paraben free and is made in Italy.
I've been wearing it and roaming around in the super hot climate of Chennai, sharp when the clock strikes noon, in my bike and even in that, my skin hasn't darkened. That's actually something. I mean, at this heat, when the sun is merciless, no matter how good a sunscreen is, most actually give up. Usually I have a line where my sleeve ends and exposed skin begin, even after wearing sun screen. So far, that line hasn't come up yet!!!!

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  1. am form Maharashtra , India
    here temp never goes that much higher ,
    but great post , will like to read more like this

  2. This seems like a good sun protection product. It`s good that it`s Paraben-free. I wonder what the ingredients are.

    ✿ Grace ✿

  3. I spend so much time outdoors. I should check on a product similar to this one.

  4. I didn't know about the Carrot Fresh Cells! Does this have whitening effect too? I like the ones with some whitening... I wonder if the texture of the lotion gives that oily / dry texture that makes me cringe too~

  5. Aside from the SPF, the important factor in sunblock lotions is the texture. I do not want lotions that are greasy to feel because they feel heavy and uncomfortable.

  6. True...In Indian weather, we need stronger SPF for sure. Good you reminded about sunscreen. Sometimes I get lazy to apply.

  7. Woah! 34C???!!! Hot! Hot! Hot! Good thing you got that SPF Sun protection milk. I love hanging out at the beach and I will definitely need something like this. i'm actually at the beach now and it's pretty sunny out. Give me some of that milk! ;) - Mum Tuscany

  8. I like products that are unscented. This makes me want to buy one, I want my sunscreen to be as natural as possible.

  9. now this is a good option for those who are avoiding too much chemicals on their lotion. Aside from that, this is also perfect for those who love to travel. Knowing it comes with higher SPF, going to places will never be a problem anymore!


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