Wills Lifestyle AW16 Collection

Recently Wills Lifestyle launched its AW16 collection and I went over to its Chennai store to check it out. Perhaps because it was in Chennai, thanks to the hot, hotter & hottest climates, the collection concentrated more on Autumn than Winter.

The women's collections were in 3 concepts. The Lost in Sea collection was a beautiful mix of casuals & well tailored look. The Sartorial Sorceress collection is the printed range inspired by Native america and Scandinavian folktales. The Studio collection is the minimalist, evening essentials with flowy fabrics & drape-y cuts.

The men's collections were also in 3 concepts. The Modern Prepp collection is the casuals range with subtle prints & weaves incl polka dots, gingham, cords, checks etc. The British Isle collection is the formal range with dark blues, greys & blacks as well as green, maroon etc. The usuals in the formals range incl crisp cotton & luxurious linens in the Luxuria, Regalia and Presidentia collections were staple. Just like the women's wear, the Studio collection in the men's wear as well its the evening & lounge suits.

On the whole, most of the outfits were made of sturdy thick cotton & linen which would suit Chennai's climate much better than wools or furs, which just have no role in Chennai at all! The colors were the most interesting with burnt oranges, browns, burgundy-s that exonerate autumn than anything else.

The presentation was rather interesting with the models sporting the outfits, walking by the aisles of the store and finally pose at a particular spot!

One of the cool features of the store now is the virtual trials! All the new collection are already loaded into it and you can select an entire ensemble from it. A click of a button while posing in front of it would give you a virtual idea of how the outfit looks like when you wear it and if you like what you see, you can directly order from that and collect it then & there at the store!!! Finally, as usual, what did I wear for the event? Wait & watch.... 



  1. I like this fashion for men and women. The collections for men look so elegant, sleek and neat. I have found a similar collections here in our local mall. But the collections as to this are incomparable.

  2. I like the printed design of some of the outfits here. It looks so unique and it does stand out.

  3. Good to see some men's shirts on this post. They look good on the models, but I do not think I can wear those printed patterns.

  4. Wow, these outfits look great on the models! Somehow I didn't think it will look that nice until I see them wear it! I think it will fit those who are tall and elegant~

  5. I used to visit Wills Lifestyle a lot when I was in HYD. I loved the outfits there. Here too, models and outfits both looking great.

  6. I used to love their office collection when I was in India but hardly get time to check their range now.

  7. The printed designed things in fashion are more famous than the plain one. Wearing new jeans, shirts, etc.....can add confidence on me. I loved to purchase and wear as well.

  8. They look great! Love the print on the dresses. Wish I could wear something like that!

  9. I've not tried a virtual tryout yet. Would liketo experience that. I love the burgundy ones and the fact that they had live mannequins modeling the outfits.- May, Fully Housewifed

  10. Wow, nice prints! I love the collection, hopefully to get one for me!


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