H&M Chennai Launch #HMLovesChennai

Chennai's Fashionistas got a brand new place to hang out now and that's H&M. Yes, the Swedish Fashion retailer, H&M has finally opened its doors in Chennai at Express Avenue Mall. 

The launch was a highly anticipated event, with the announcement that the 1st 3 people who would get gift vouchers worth Rs.10000, Rs.7000 & Rs.5000 respectively and the first 500 to queue up would get gift vouchers worth Rs.500. The crowd was the most I've seen so far in Chennai for any contemporary fashion brand launch. I've seen much much worse crowds for store launches that sell ethnic clothing as well as local brands. But when international brands open their store here, obviously it serves a very niche clientele. So, this crowd that I witnessed here, a niche crowd, was definitely the highest of its kind. The shops here in the mall open at 11am, but the crowd started pouring in from early morning.

The employees were one extremely enthusiastic bunch! There was also a cake to mark the occassion. They performed something like a flash mob though it can't be exactly called a flash mob in the last few minutes before the store opened to the public.

The current collection looks pretty much Autumn Winter with knits, sweaters, woolens, furs, bomber jackets etc. Also the prints look really warm catering the Autumn style.

The lingerie section looks exquisite with tons and tons of options for women. The jewelry section is also drool worthy. Here are my fav pieces from there. 
I expected the price to be sky rocketing (I hadn't checked their prices in India at all before venturing to the store, though I've been to their London stores). To my surprise the prices were very nominal in par with the market prices with women's wear beginning at Rs.399, jewelry beginning at Rs.250.
And what did the Chennai Fashionistas feel about the collection. Here's the first look reaction from few of the first 500 customers who visited the store on the first day!!!
One sad fact is that since this store opened after the Kenzo x H&M launch, it cannot be brought in here. Chennai-ites have to wait till the next year for the next designer collab to be launched. For Kenzo, we have no option than to go to Bangalore!
And what I wear for the event? That's coming up in another post. Wait & watch...

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  1. People loving h&m :)
    Keep in touch

  2. I love H&M. All the stuffs they sold is so nice and I like it very very mcuh!~

  3. There may be as an awful lot as 50% discount in the expenses of eye care accessories under this sort of plans. Plus the treatments and.http://testoupmaxfacts.com/legendary-beard/

  4. Wow! H&M is now everywhere! Fashionistas will surely have a field day! Hoping for more discounted promos! - Mum Tuscany

  5. I love the boots! I like them all. They look so posh, trendy, chic and sophisticated. H&M is one of the biggest shops here in the Philippines. I like that their clothes have a lot of solid colors.

  6. We also have H&M here in our country, but we first saw it in Spain before. So far, we do not really like the styles we see in this store. But hopefully one day we can find something fit our style.

  7. Wow this all looks amazing! I love H&M so much, the collaboration with kenzo looks so good and I love the look of the prints ☺️

  8. There's so many who queued at H&M. They do have excellent and innovative products.

  9. Yay, I love H&M! Looks like everyone had a great time!

    Sondra Barker
    Pretty Fit Foodie

  10. im actually planning to visit this store to but gift for this coming xmas season, good thing i read your blog beforehand. now i have an idea what to expect. :)

  11. H&M always comes up with offers whenever they have a new branch, no wonder they drew in a huge crowd! It's the same thing here in Manila!

  12. H&M is now i Chennai, that's a great news. Will definitely visit in next couple of days.

  13. H&M is also well appreciated in the Philippines. Their stores here are often quite big compared to other clothing stores in malls.

    ❀ Grace ❀

  14. Congrats on the Chennai opening of H&M!! Definitely one of my favorite brands out there, though the quality can sometimes be questionable :D

  15. a good brand with quality items, good to know there is an expansion and people are excited about it.

  16. Whoah H&M really expanded their business! It sure is so inspiring to see businesses alike to grow even more. I haven't checked the branch here in our place but I was able to pass by. If ever I can go back to city, I'll surely check their store then. I'll try to see if they got the monster bag one!

  17. My kids love H&M. I also like their shop! My son gave me earrings from H&M and they're great! My ears are usually sensitive but I've been able to wear them everyday.


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