Dressing up the Blue Jeans - WillsAW16 Launch - My Outfit

Here's my outfit when I attended the Wills Lifestyle AW16 show. That particular day, somehow I wasn't so much in a mood to dress up so I wore a rather simple outfit and a couple of interesting jewelry and a bold eye makeup.

Top: Hangten
Jeans: Flying Machine
Necklace: Handmade by craftspersons of Thailand
Earrings: Naidu Hall
Eyeshadow: Lakme Eye Quartet in Peacock
Shoes: Thrifted from a Flea Market in Chennai
Bag: Shoppers Stop
Watch: Fastrack
Yeah, I'm pretty much sweating in these pics coz I rode by bike for about 30km in Chennai's heat & humidity, obviously with my jacket & helmet on. That shows!!! The photographs are by the same Tamilmani who clicked my pics for this post.
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  1. Simplicity is beauty. I often wear long-sleeved v-neck shirts because I found them to be the most comfortable clothing pieces. Did you ride on a bike wearing heels?

    ❀ Grace ❀

  2. Great way to accent simple outfits. It really takes some bold accessories to make a basic outfit more special and memorable.

  3. Jeans can really go with a lot of look. This one is simple but you really made it look elegant.

  4. Jeans has never been a favourite for when talking about outfit but this one looks perfectly. Thanks for sharing

  5. I love your eye shadows! They look ethereal! I suggest that you fill in your brows though. That way, it will make your eye pop more!

  6. What I love the must about this outfit is your makeup, the blue color in your eyes looks great on you <3


  7. It's always nice to see you go really funky and bold wth your looks and accessories! This enable people to focus on them instead of your outfits, which means you can mix and match more often!

  8. Your eyeshadow colour is super amazing.. Great one!


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