Birthday Outfit - Color-Blocked Layered Kurta

Remember I walked the ramp for Max Fashions? After that I went shopping back to Max and this is what I bought (finding it in Forum Mall, after getting in and out of its 2 other branches - Tambaram & Velachery, in Chennai which did not have their new collection 😫)! This too is from their Spring 2017 collection. 

When I went for shopping, I was confused with 2 pieces in their collection which looked very similar. The other was a fit & flare shirt dress in the same color combo. However this piece caught my eye ever since I saw it long back on the day of the show! Luckily this was the very last piece in the store (right now its sold out even online!) and luckily it was my size! So, that's a decision - now or never! So obviously I took it!

Since the kurta was layered and has color blocking and print in it, I didn't complicate the styling at all! Just paired it with my red leggings with golden jewelry. Since it has an interesting neck detail, I didn't bother about the necklace! Chose a heavy earrings & bangles and that's it! I went simple with the footwear as well!

Layered Long Kurta: c/o Max Fashions
Leggings: Thrifted from a Flea Market in Chennai
N*de / Tan Peeptoe wedges: c/o Lifestyle
Earrings: From a local store in Chennai
Bangles: Received as a gift from my MIL

Btw, how's the location? While most of India was colonized by the British, small portions were colonized by French, Dutch and Portuguese and tiny little portions (exactly just 3 towns) by the Danish!!! One of the 3 towns is Tranquebar aka Tharamgambadi in Tamil Nadu and obviously they built a Palace and a Fort there! 
Today the Palace has been taken over by Neemrana Hotels and is called Bungalow on the Beach!!! All the photos have been clicked there. Read the review of Bungalow on the Beach by Neemrana on My Travelogue.

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  1. Love your kurta. It looks very pretty.

  2. Kurta, a new term for me. Is this a style of an outfit for women? I don't know what its equivalent to English term. Anyway you look so lovely and nice with your Kurta with a cooperating Bungalow Beach at the background.

  3. Wow, you really have a good sense of something good to wear. I really like it so much, you look so pretty wearing that. I didn't know that the blue and red color could really blend together.

  4. I'm not so familiar with how color blocking works. Do you pick out the colors based on the color wheel arrangement? Blue and red looks like a powerful combination in an outfit.

  5. Even I had my eye on that kurta at the show :D he he he

  6. The earrings and the bracelet stands out. Red and blue really are powerful colors that make you stand out even more.

  7. You look especially radiant and elegant in this outfit!! You carry it so well :)

  8. I loved your kurta and liked how you have paired it with red leggings and accessories. You nailed your outfit!

  9. Looks lovely. I wish we wore stuff like this in the States sometimes.

  10. You look wonderful as always! I feel like its almost staple to wear red when it's your birthday. At least in the Philippines, if someone is wearing red, I'm sure somebody will say, "Is it your birthday?"

  11. Great details on the design of your Kurta. I'm sure it is a very special and lovely the day you are wearing the gown. - Carlo

  12. I love the colour combination of blue and red making it so vibrant yet so cool.

  13. I love the shot where you are standing against the white corridor! The colour of red and blue was brought out through the whites and I love that most~

  14. The outfit matches you. The red and blue color of your outfit seems to express your brightness.

    ❀ Grace ❀

  15. I love the blue and red combination - very bold and nice on the camera


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