Statement Earrings & Name Necklaces!

I love Name Necklaces, or for that matter, all types of Name Jewelry! I mean, who doesn't??! Remember my stunning ones here, here and here! Here's my recent addition to the collection! This time, I chose engraved ones instead of the cut ones that I usually prefer!

Both these necklaces are from the Love Collection of Onecklace. Both have 2 names on it! The circular one is the simpler one with the 2 names and a heart shaped hole between the names! That's my guy's choice for himself - simple, elegant styles! The other one is 2 interlocked heart shaped with a name written on each (that's my choice)! This is a birthstone necklace as well and there are 2 Swarovski crystals to denote the gem color of the month we were born.

Earrings: c/o Madura Boutique
Necklace (circle): c/o ONecklace
Necklace (heart): c/o ONecklace
Both the earrings are from a Facebook shop called Madura Boutique based in Chennai. Its run by a longtime online acquaintance (yeah, I knew her from Orkut!!! Remember Orkut???) Harini. She sells hand picked ethnic jewelry via FB! One more set coming up in the next post! Of it all, I love her collection of earrings the most. The recent enamel ones are just so stunning! 

The location is all at Treebo Red Lotus hotel, a heritage hotel built by the French (when this town in India was a French colony), in Pondicherry aka Puducherry! Click above to read the review of the hotel is on My Travelogue!

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  1. That is a very cool idea indeed. Love the engraved text in the hearts! Personalized gifts are always nicer than the mass ones

  2. I love the details! I love the gold necklace, the one where you can get your name engraved. That's really cool! Been looking for something like it!

  3. You looked great! I also love wearring statement accessories! Its part of fashion that we have to enjoy :)

  4. Your Earrings are beautiful. It looks like its value would appreciate in the future. It's some sort of memento you could give to your heirs.

  5. I loved your earrings and it goes perfectly with your outfit! It creates a signature style statement and enhances your outfit!

  6. I love that peacock design on your earrings. CLick one photo in a sari with these earrings.

  7. Nice pieces ya! They will look great on western as well as Indian attires. Can I use that peacock as a maang-tikka?


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