Travel Style - Red, Pink and Magenta!

Now, that I've moved to Brussels, its back to unpredictable weather. So I've gotta wear a jacket and carry an umbrella, just in case it gets cold or starts raining! So this time what did I wear? 
Remember I told you, I got about 4-5 Jeggings from Primark, before leaving London. That's so so so helpful right now. I can't tell you how thankful I am, to the past me, for buying those! With my ever expanding waist line, the soft elastic and stretchable fabric of the Jeggings is just so comfortable!!!! I have one each in Blue, Grey and Red. I should buy a black. That time I bought the black as Treggings which isn't as comfortable now!

Top: Thrifted from a Flea Market in Chennai (same as worn here)
Red Jeggings: Primark (same as worn here)
Baby Pink Jacket: Persunmall (same as worn here)
Floral print Earrings: Naidu Hall, Chennai
Hot Pink Bangle: Mom's gift
Shoes: Bata Power
Hot pink Envelope Clutch: Primark
Baby of Board Badge: DIY (tutorial by Jewels of Sayuri)
So yeah, I finalize on the Red Jeggings and worked out the rest of the outfit around it. I chose to pair it with the magenta and white tee and layered it with the baby pink jacket. The hot pink chunky bangle went on one hand. I know, the shoes are out of sync, but packing with the baggage weight restrictions while moving here, I just have 3 pairs of footwear right now!!!
Yeah, that location looks like London with the Big Ben & Westminster Palace. But actually, it is all Mini Europe, just next to Atomium in Bruxelles, which has miniature versions of several landmarks of Europe. Check out more about Mini Europe on My Travelogue!

P.S: The photographs with Atomium in the background belong to me but the structure/architecture/image of Atomium are copyrighted to Atomium till the year 2075 CE and these are being used in this blog and related social media with prior permission.

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  1. Waah! waah! Good news! Sab Orange County ka kamaal hai kya ? ;) ;)
    You are looking fantabulous! Take care!

  2. Really like your style! I'm not a pink guy myself lol, but ill be sure to share these tips.

  3. I looks so pretty! Love the pants.

  4. The colors go all so great together. I always thought pink complements red amazingly! I quite link the outfit, it looks so great on you

  5. Your bag really caught my eye! It's so cute and you really stand out!! :D

  6. I am honestly distracted with your fabulous clutch bag and earrings. They are gorgeous!

  7. You look great! Enjoy Brussels, it seems like a great place to be. I like your clutch!

  8. I have not been to Brussels before. I would like to see that Atomium for myself one day. You can really pull off these bright colors very well.

  9. Your red leggings are so pretty! I have wanting to buy a pair or red jeans since like forever but I can never find the right shade of red. I never thought of getting leggings though instead.

  10. I love your shoes. They look so pretty.

  11. I like how you had different gradients of red and pink. You look great and would definitely stand out.

  12. I love flea markets! You definitely had a great taste and choice! Congratulations on the baby 😊

  13. Ready for cold or rainy day is preparing for readiness and safety as far as one's health is concerned. That's how scout is trained to. What you wear is very bright outfit.

  14. Love your outfit... bright colours always make me happy! :)



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